How to Change Age on Roblox?

How to Change Age on Roblox

Last Updated on 7 September, 2023

How to Change Age on Roblox – Under 13 & 13 or older – All the steps to change the date of your birthday and age restrictions

How to Change Age on Roblox – Under 13

If you’re under 13, or you messed up your birthday and appear to be under 13, you can’t change your age.

Roblox is committed to providing safety and privacy protection for our users. For this reason and because of COPPA regulations, users under the age of 13 can not change their age setting.

On the day of your 13th birthday, Roblox will automatically update its restrictions and you will be able to change your age. So the only solution is to wait until you turn 13. But check the last section (Roblox Age Restrictions), because everything has a solution

How to Change Age on Roblox – 13 or Older

These are the steps to change your age or birthday if you are 13 or older:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to account settings
    • Browser – the gear-icon located at the upper-right corner of the site
    • Mobile Apps – the three dots icon for More
  3. Select the Account Info tab
  4. Enter your correct birth date
  5. Select Save

What to do if you made a mistake when entering the date of your birthday but you are older than 13?

If you entered a wrong birthday date but you are over 13, what you should do is contact Roblox support and prove that you are over 13

In the “help category” dropdown select “Chat and age settings”. And in the text space below explain your mistake when you first entered your age.

You can contact Roblox Support > Here

Roblox Age Restrictions

The account controls are optional; kids of any age can create an account on Roblox with no parental restrictions. On accounts of kids under 13, Roblox automatically defaults to stricter settings, but a kid could change these if there’s no parent PIN

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If you are under 13 and have parental restrictions, the only thing you can do is ask your parents to disable them. If you’re under 13 and don’t have parental restrictions or just got your parents to disable them, you can lower the restrictions yourself

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