How to get 1SS in Pixel Piece – Phoenix Style Location

How to get 1SS in Pixel Piece

Last Updated on 11 February, 2023

How to get 1SS in Pixel Piece – Phoenix Style Location – Sword Style Trainer Quest. Requirements, Skills, Locations and more

1SS Means 1 Sword Style, and it is the Phoenix Style. And of course it is one of the best reasons to reach level 70 and unlock Syrup Village as soon as possible.

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How to get 1SS in Pixel Piece – Phoenix Style Location

Complete the Sword Style Trainer Quest – Travel to Syrup Village, find Fury (the Sword Style Trainer) and complete his quest. Although you may be interested in first consulting the requirements to reach the island and complete the mission:

  • Have a katana and 5k Gold
  • Be at least level 70 (Syrup Village Requirement)

To complete the mission just go west and enter the cave on the edge of the island, at the end is your reward. In case you are interested, this is what the 1SS offers you

Phoenix Style – 1SS Skills

These are all the skills that you will get with your new fighting style:

  • Z Skill: Pound Hou – Launches a fast projectile towards players set target
  • X Skill: Dragon Slash – Sends the player forward incredibly fast and slicing through whatever enemy may stand in the way
  • C Skill: Dragon Blaze – User summons the blue flame dragon and launches it to a set point
  • V Skill: Cyclone Phoenix – User let’s out a huge slash that covers a big AOE around their body

How to get 1SS in Pixel Piece – Video Guide

Completing this quest shouldn’t take long, the hardest part is getting to level 70 and unlocking Syrup Village. But in case you are missing something, or you can’t find anything, we leave you this XenoTy video tutorial, in which you can check all the steps and locations:

We hope this guide has been useful to you and you have already managed to unlock this Fighting style, be sure to consult our guides

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