Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List

Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List

Last Updated on 16 February, 2023

Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List – All Pixel Fruits ranked from Tier S (best in the game) to Tier C (worst in the game)

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Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List – Rank

S Tier

Tier S are the best Pixel Fruits of the game, really OP:

  • Hie Hie – Logia – 7 Skills – Mythical
  • Mera-Mera – Logia – 7 Skills – Mythical

A Tier

Tier A are quite good Pixel Fruits, not the best but almost

  • Bomb-Bomb – Paramecia – 4 Skills – Rare

B Tier

Tier B are average Pixel Fruits, choose them if you like them:

  • Smooth-Smooth – Paramecia – 2 Skills –  Uncommon
  • Cry-Cry – Paramecia –  3 Skills –  Uncommon

C Tier

Tier C are below the average Pixel Fruits, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot.:

  • Suke-Suke – Paramecia –  2 Skills  – Common
  • Spin-Spin – Paramecia – 3 Skills – Common
  • Kilo-Kilo – Paramecia – 6 Skills – Common

Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List – Skills

  • Suke-Suke Skills
    • Skill Z : Self Invisible – User becomes invisible for set amount of time
    • Skill X : Party Invisible – User grants party members the ability to turn invisible by force
  • Spin-Spin Skills
    • Skill Z : Spinning Disaster – User spins at tornado like speeds, damaging anything in their way
    • Skill X : Spinning Assault – User Spins arms around at tremendous speeds dealing hefty damage
    • Skill C : Spinning Flight – User spins legs around like a helicopter allowing the play to go air-born and fly anywhere
  • Kilo-Kilo Skills
    • Skill Z : Kilo Walk – User runs around and stomps on the ground to trample over anyone near them.
    • Skill X : Kilo Crash – User uses immense force on their foot to tremble the ground around them
    • Skill C : 1,000kg – User slams into the ground as if their a giant Boulder
    • Skill V : 10,000kg – User slams into the ground as if they are a meteorite
    • Skill E : Kilo Rise – User rises into the air as if they are weightless
    • Skill R : Kilo Force – User’s M1 damage is slightly enhanced
  • Smooth-Smooth Skills
    • Skill Z : Smooth Floor – User zooms across the ground on a seemingly smooth surface
    • Skill X : Smooth Push – User zooms forwad quickly, making anyone in their path slip on the ground
  • Cry-Cry Skills
    • Skill Z : Kenpopo – User sends projectiles to target location
    • Skill X : Chiyupopo – User gets on knees and begins crying, nearby teammates will be healed from this but user will lose health
    • Skill C : Hogopopo – allows the user to be in a state of near-intangibility
  • Bomb-Bomb Skills
    • Skill Z : Bomb Shot – User shoots a bomb pellet towards direction they’re facing
    • Skill X : Bomb Rush – User ignites the bomb under their feet and accelerate towards aimed position on release
    • Skill V : Bomb Destruct – User becomes a nuke
    • Skill E : Bomb Booster – User flies like bakugo
  • Mera-Mera Skills
    • Skill Z : Flame Snap – User Snaps and a flame is emitted from the users fist
    • Skill T : Flame Flight – User flips into the air and emits fire from their feet, user is now able to take traveling from the ground to the air
    • Skill X : Shinka Shiranui – User Leaps into the air and crashes down with a flaming boom to wherever their cursor is aimed to
    • Skill C : Flame Repulse – User leaps into the air and throws fire directly under themselves, stunning anyone under the fire
    • Skill V : Dai Enkai Entei – User summons a small flaming ball over their head and is able to charge it in order to become bigger
    • Skill E : Hiken – User throws a ball of flames to wherever their cursor is aimed at
    • Skill R : Hono No Hashira – User summons a flame pillar and is able to move it foward
  • Hie-Hie Skills
    • Skill Z : Ice Hawk – Users fires an ice hawk towards direction they are facing
    • Skill T : Ice Ice – User skates on ice
    • Skill X :  Ice Spears – User summons ice spears to rain from above in any spot they are aiming at.
    • Skill C : Ice Hammer – User summons ice hammer to slam down in front of them.
    • Skill V : Ice Stomp – User stomps to summon a ice wall in front of them.
    • Skill E : Frozen Time – User summons ice beneath themself to freeze anyone or anything near themt
    • Skill R : Ultimate Stomp – User summons 3 Large ice walls to erupt in front of them

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