How to get Aluminum in The Planet Crafter – Location

How to get Aluminum in The Planet Crafter

Last Updated on 7 April, 2022

How to get Aluminum in The Planet Crafter – Location – Coordinates, how to get (mineable or not) and other nearby resources

The Aluminum have a possibility of being dropped through a normal meteor shower, but ir is better to collect it by placing an Ore Extractor in the right spot, so you need the locations

How to get Aluminum in The Planet Crafter – Location

Aluminum Can be found on the floor of “Aluminum field”, but there are more spots. These are the best locations to farm Aluminum, we provide you with the coordinates, other resources that you can find nearby, and we tell you if it is mineable or not

Falling Sand Caves – Aluminum Location

  • Coordinates: 930:39:910
  • Mineable: No
  • Other resources: Iridium, Sulfur, Osmium & Super Alloy

Sulfur Valley – Aluminum Location

  • Coordinates: 952:29:1422 & 731:50:1120
  • Mineable: Yes
  • Other resources: Sulfur (nearby ice cave > Osmium & Super Alloy)

Maze Canyon Cave – Aluminum Location

  • Coordinates: 1420:5:560
  • Mineable: No
  • Other resources: Super Alloy

Aluminum Spires – Aluminum Location

  • Coordinates: 942:27:94
  • Mineable: Yes
  • Other resources:

If you find another location that we have not included, leave us a comment so that we can include it in this guide

How to get Aluminum in The Planet Crafter – Usage

These are all the uses and recipes that require Aluminum, mark us in bold those that we consider most important

  • Base Building:
    • Biodome T1
    • Biodome T2
    • Biolab
  • Machines:
    • Vegetube T3
    • Drill T3
    • Solar Panel T2
    • Heater T2
    • Heater T3
    • Beacon
    • Communication Antenna
    • Advanced Craft Station
    • Grass Spreader
    • Ore Extractor T1
    • Food Grower
    • Atmospheric Water Collector
    • Lake Water Collector
  • Furniture:
    • Golden Crate
  • Craft Station T2:
    • Microchip – Compass
    • Backpack T3
    • Oxygen Tank T3
    • Exoskeleton T2
    • Microchip – Mining Speed T1
    • Microchip – Mining Speed T3
    • Agility Boots T1
  • Advanced Craft Station:
    • Jetpack T2
    • Super Alloy
    • Water Filter

We hope that this guide has been useful to you, we leave you with other interesting guides of The Planet Crafter:

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