How to get Iridium in The Planet Crafter – Location

How to get Iridium in The Planet Crafter

Last Updated on 7 April, 2022

How to get Iridium in The Planet Crafter – Location – Coordinates, how to get (mineable or not) and other nearby resources

The Iridium can’t be crafted, you have to collect it, so you need the locations

How to get Iridium in The Planet Crafter – Location

Iridium can respawn from meteorite storms, you can also dig it up with an Ore Extractor. These are the best locations to farm Iridium, we provide you with the coordinates, other resources that you can find nearby, and we tell you if it is mineable or not

Falling Sand Caves – Iridium Location

  • Coordinates: 930:39:910
  • Mineable: Yes
  • Other resources: Aluminum (nearby ice cave > Sulfur, Osmium & Super Alloy)

Spike canyon Ice Cave – Iridium Location

  • Coordinates: 256:7:-199
  • Mineable: No
  • Other resources: Osmium

Grand Rift Cave – Iridium Location

  • Coordinates: 2026:3:-33
  • Mineable: Yes
  • Other resources: None

Other Iridium Locations

  • shipwrecks – crates
  • asteroids atracted by Magnetic Field Protection Rocket

Magnetic Field Protection Rocket

It is one of the best ways to farm Iridium, since after launch. A temporary asteroid shower will occur, on impact the asteroids will release Iridium that can be mined

To build a Magnetic Field Protection Rocket you will need: a Rocket Engine, Supper Alloy and Silicon

If you find another location that we have not included, leave us a comment so that we can include it in this guide

How to get Iridium in The Planet Crafter – Usage

These are all the uses and recipes that require Iridium, mark us in bold those that we consider most important

  • Machines:
    • Heater T1: x1 Iridium + x1 Iron + x1 Silicon
    • Heater T2: x2 Iridium + x1 Silicon + x1 Titanium + x1 Iron + x1 Aluminum
  • Advanced Craft Station:
    • Iridium Rod Recipe: x9 Iridium
  • Biolab:
    • Explosive Powder: x2 Sulfur + x1 Iridium

We hope that this guide has been useful to you, we leave you with other interesting guides of The Planet Crafter:

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