How to get Armament V2 Haki in GPO? Busoshoku V2 Grand Piece Online

How to get Armament V2 Haki in GPO

Last Updated on 11 May, 2023

How to get Armament V2 Haki in GPO – Busoshoku Haki V1 + Book of Spirits + Book of Spirits + Raitona’s Task

How to get Armament V2 Haki in GPO – Steps

These are all the steps, first you have to Busoshoku Haki V1, and then get some necessary items to complete Raytona’s task, whose reward is Armament V2

  1. Obtain Busoshoku Haki V1: complete Ray’s level 80 quest on Kori Island
    • You will need 25k Peli and to kill 100 Yetis (Tip: Suke-Suke + Bazooka)
  2. Get a Book of Spirits:  Farm Krakens (45% drop from a kraken)
  3. Obtain Spirit Essence: Resonate the book of spirits using the Altar inside the Sharima (Desert Kingdom)
  4. Complete Raitona’s Task: Find him in Spirit Island (South from Sharima’s altar) > Get x20 hits in the minigame (Tip: Press F11 for max window before)
    1. If you can’t complete Raytona’s task before the timer expires (2 minutes), you’ll have to re-get the Spirit Essence and try to complete Raytona’s task again.

So there are basically four steps, they will take time but they are relatively simple. Next we will leave you a video tutorial so you can see how to complete the last task, since it is a chore to have to repeat the previous steps if you fail

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Video Guide

It’s nice to have a guide with the steps for reference, but sometimes it helps to see each step in images, or better, through gameplay. So we leave you this video guide from youtuber DernD with all the steps, in case you have any questions during the process

Busoshoku Haki (also known as Armament Haki) is an ability that temporarily increases the user’s melee damage output, block durability, and allows them to touch Logia Type Devil Fruit users. And Busoshoku Haki V2 (also known as Armament Haki V2), is the upgraded version of the standard Busoshoku Haki.

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