How to get Observation V2 Haki in GPO? Kenbunshoku V2 Grand Piece Online

How to get Observation V2 Haki in GPO

Last Updated on 14 December, 2022

How to get Observation V2 Haki in GPO – Kenbunshoku Haki V1 + Foro Island + Coro’s minigame Tutorial

How to get Observation V2 Haki in GPO – Steps

These are all the steps, first you have to Kenbunshoku Haki V1, and then get some necessary items to complete Raytona’s task, whose reward is Observation V2

  1. Obtain Kenbunshoku Haki V1: complete Rogson’s level 165 quest on Land of the Sky
    • You will need 50k Peli and perfect blocking 200 times (Tip: get a friend that has a Mini Bunny and parry it’s attacks, or go in the water and perfect block sharks.)
  2. Go to Foro Island and talk to Coro
  3. Complete Coro’s minigame (300 points in 90 seconds) by clicking the circles.
    1. If you fail you will have to pay 25,000 peli again, so try to get it the first time

It is not necessary to get x10 full dodges of the original Kenbunshoku, as many people think

So this haki V2 is quite easy to obtain, but we recommend you to see tutorials to avoid failing in the Coro minigame, we will leave you one below, since nobody likes to lose 25k peli

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Video Guide

It’s nice to have a guide with the steps for reference, but sometimes it helps to see each step in images, or better, through gameplay. So we leave you this video guide from youtuber DernD with all the steps, in case you have any questions during the process

Kenbunshoku Haki (Also known as Observation Haki) is an ability that allows users to see people through walls and dodge incoming attacks. Kenbunshoku Haki V2 (Also known as Observation Haki V2) is a significantly upgraded version of the standard Observation Haki.

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