How To Get Cloth in Stranded Deep

how to get cloth in stranded deep

Last Updated on 16 January, 2023

How To Get Cloth in Stranded Deep – Check out the simple ways to make and obtaining cloth in Stranded Deep.

You’re going to need a lot of things to survive in Stranded Deep. Nothing on this island is as simple as it first seems; the sunlight itself may be quite deadly. Be careful to start gathering the materials you need through hunting and crafting. The Cloth is one such item that players are having trouble finding. This item is used for creating Bandages, Water Still, and other things. We can assist if you are seeking for it already and are having trouble finding any. In this essay, we’ll show you how to simply get and create cloth in Stranded Deep.

How To Get Cloth in SD?

Players can find some cloth lying in wooden containers in Stranded Deep. These storage items are typically discovered in shipwrecks and plane wrecks. However, if you still need more of this item, you can always make it on your own in the game. You will need 1 loom and 4 fibrous leaves to make 1 piece of cloth.

A player must have at least level 2 crafting to build looms. Once there, all they need to do is collect four lashings and six sticks to make a loom for themselves. On the other hand, Fibrous Leaves are simple to obtain by breaking Yucca Trees or even Palm Saplings. Check out the list of items and structures you may craft using cloth now that you are aware of the recipe for getting it in the game.

  • Water Still
  • Fire Torch
  • Tarp Wall
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Tool Belt Pouch 1
  • Tool Belt Pouch 2
  • Bandage
  • Smoker

That covers all the details of how to quickly get and make cloth in Stranded Deep. If you enjoyed this article, don’t miss the rest of the Stranded Deep guides.

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