Stranded Deep Console Commands

Stranded Deep Console Commands

Last Updated on 14 February, 2021

Stranded Deep Console Commands – There are admin commands but also amazing cheats like the god mode or the spawn items cheat

Stranded Deep Console Commands –  Open Console

Just hit the “/” (slash) or “~” (tilde) key while in-world to open or enable the console, then use any of the cheats & console commands we are going to provide you

The “~” (tilde) key is the key to the left of the “1”

Stranded Deep Console Commands –  Full List

There are a lot of commands, some of them are cheats and the other are admin commands:


  • God Mode: dev.god – Fly mode & no damage, like god mode in most of the games
  • Spawn items: dev.console (True/False) – test menu, to spawn items by pressing the “/” (slash) key after entering the dev.console True command
  • Change time: dev.time (0-24) – To Change the time of the day

Admin Commands

  • Fog reflection: (True/False) – Enable or disable fog reflection effects
  • Fog visual: (True/False) – Enable or disable fog visual effects
  • FPS: fps (True/False) – To display (true) or to remove (false) fps from the screen
  • List of commands: help list – To see all the available commands you can use
  • Command description: help (command) – To see what does this command do
  • Clear Commands: clear – To clear the commands history
  • Create a log: dev.log.dump – To create a log on your desktop
  • Log in console: dev.log.view – To show player’s log in console
  • Clear log: dev.log.clear – To clear console’s log
  • Game output: dev.options list – Shows the current output for the game

Stranded Deep Console Commands – Spawn Items

Just use the command dev.console True to access to the menu where you can spawn any item you want

  1. First use the command dev.console True to enter developer mode
  2. Now press the “/” (slash) key to open the item spawn menu
  3. Now you can spawn the item you want
  4. There are also other quick cheats you can enable from here, enjoy this cheat

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