How To Get Components in RimWorld?

how to get components in rimworld

Last Updated on 15 December, 2022

How To Get Components in RimWorld – Are you looking for a guide that shows you how to get components? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail!

Components are one of RimWorld’s most valuable and scarcest components. For the most of your high-tech projects, you’ll require these unique pieces of machinery.

Components must be built and fixed for the most of electrical items, and many of the best weapons, armor, and ship parts must also be used (if you want to leave the RimWorld).

Despite being a rare resource, players can find it at any time during the game and utilize it to quickly obtain certain high-tier equipment.

Here’s how to create them in RimWorld as well as get some Components.

How to Get Components in RimWorld

The need for components will persist across all of your RimWorld playthroughs because they are essential for survival.

Here are some tips to keep your components safe so you won’t need to buy more every day before we show how to get more components:

  • Minimize using components often. Build anything without using components if you have the option to.
  • Your components will deteriorate if you leave them outside.

Let’s look at all the ways in RimWorld where you can obtain new components:

  • Mine Compacted machinery
  • Deconstruct Ship chunks
  • Traders
  • Craft

Mining Components

Mining Compacted machinery is the simplest technique to obtain components.

Players can notice the brown rock that appears out of nowhere in between other rocks on practically every map as this “rock” (such as marble or sandstone).

Players can simply order their pawns to mine the compacted machinery, and for each mined block, they will get two components.

The most of the veins that gamers will encounter have four to six blocks. Accordingly, they will receive at least 8 components from each vein they find.

Ship Chunks Contain Components

In RimWorld, you can also obtain some Components by deconstructing Ship chunks, which you can find based on a variety of situations.

If they selected the Crashlanded scenario, players will find 3 Ship chunks on the map by default. They can also obtain a few more through events, where they will randomly fall from the sky.

Traders Sell Components

Components are typically acquired by players in the late game of RimWorld by purchasing them from traders.

Players can easily obtain some components from traders when they lack natural sources of supply because they can arrive often with resources and don’t have limited sources (like us).

In the late game, 1 Component often costs 32 silver, which is a fair price.

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