How To Get Gold Coins In Goose Goose Duck

how to get gold coins in goose goose duck

Last Updated on 10 January, 2023

How To Get Gold Coins In Goose Goose Duck – A handful of tips on how to get gold in this fun game.

Goose Goose Ducks is a free game with lots of customizing options. It makes sense that it would provide an in-game cash so that you could buy costumes and pets. You can buy everything you’d want to decorate up your goose with these gold coins, which serve as the cash. You can buy caps in addition to pets and costumes.

How to Get Gold Coins in Goose Goose Duck

These gold coins can be obtained in a few different ways. You might wish to play to earn them or just buy the things you want depending on your situation.

Buy Coins

The easiest way to obtain coins is to buy them. To do this, real money is needed. Coins can be purchased separately from the in-game store for $1.99 USD to $79.99 USD.

Coins can also be purchased in packs. These are purchases that not only provide you coins but also costumes, caps, and pets. For $9.99, a vampire pack, for instance, would include a bat pet, a fang-adorned costume, and 100 coins.

Earn Coins

Some players would rather spend time grinding the game to get their coins. In Goose Goose Duck, you can do this through achievements. You will receive one coin for completing tasks or for earning achievements like killing a goose. Even if you have to save up for a while to buy it, this amount is sufficient to buy a few things you might want. Less than 40 achievements are available, so be sure to unlock the stuff you really desire. Otherwise, you could have to spend some money to get the dog pet.

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