Goose Goose Duck Guide -How to Play, Unlock Cosmetics and Roles

goose goose duck guide

Last Updated on 10 January, 2023

Goose Goose Duck Guide – A beginners guide where you will find all the fundamental aspects to start playing Goose Goose Duck successfully.

The brilliant social deduction game Goose Goose Duck has crazy mallards and runaway geese. You know what they say: there will always be a few cunning ducks seeking to sabotage and slaughter in any big group of geese. You can play a variety of roles in Goose Goose Duck, and there are numerous gameplay options and cosmetics available.

Goose Goose Duck Guide

How to play Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is basically a game of social deduction. Roles, deceit, and sabotage also come with social deduction games. There are five different game modes, but they are all characterized by the fact that some players must fulfill a specific duty while evading detection.

In a typical game, there will be some ducks that are camouflaged as geese and some geese. The geese’s job is to finish all of their tasks before the ducks all die or vote them all out, and the ducks’ job is often to kill all of the geese.

A meeting is immediately called once a goose (or duck!) finds a dead body so that everyone can talk about what happened. Everyone (including the ducks) has the option to vote to kill someone or to abstain from doing so during that time. Without knowing whether they killed a goose or a duck, the player with the most votes is killed.

Ducks also have other tactics in their sleeves, such as the capability to sabotage the map for advantages and the ability to move swiftly through vents, which the geese lack. Upon one of the conditions being satisfied, victory or defeat is determined immediately.

In essence, that is how the game is played; the ducks try to blend in while the geese try to slaughter while they go about their business and remain together. Be on the lookout for players who have distinct roles that offer them their own aims and win conditions.

All roles in Goose Goose Duck

Special Goose Roles

  • Bounty Goose: Your objective is to go out on top. If you do, you will receive a reward.
  • Mechanic Goose: Vents can actually be used, but exercise caution! This behavior is suspicious.
  • Vigilante Goose: Per game, one bird may be killed.
  • Technician Goose: For a brief while after a duck performs a sabotage, you may see where the duck is on the minimap.
  • Medium Goose: The number of ghosts and subsequent number of dead will be known to you.
  • Canadian Goose: You will immediately self-report after passing away.
  • Sheriff Goose: Anyone can be killed, but there are terrible repercussions when geese are involved.
  • Lover Goose: Simply put, you must continue to live with your other partner.
  • Gravy Goose: You can do things to make your bounty grow. To earn your bounty as payment, continue to be alive until the end! Only when you’re alone can you be murdered.
  • Tracker Goose: During a sandstorm, you can see who is outside to catch the ducks in the act!
  • Street Urchin Goose: Locks can be picked from the inside.
  • Astral Goose: Walls can be traversed by the spirit. Spooky!
  • Esper Goose: You can block telepathy and clairvoyance attacks, but if you do, the ducks will still be able to find you.
  • Avenger Goose: When you witness a murder, you have the ability to kill.
  • Adventure Goose: You are immune to environmental contaminants.
  • Celebrity Goose: When you pass away, everyone is instantly notified.
  • Mortician Goose: To learn more about a corpse’s role, explore it.
  • Locksmith Goose: The jail entrance is always accessible.
  • Politician Goose: You can break off ties and never be jailed.
  • Bodyguard Goose: Protect to earn a bonus. You’ll kill if you’re trapped between a killer and a goose.
  • Birdwatcher Goose: Only a small part of walls may be seen through.
  • Detective Goose: Players can be detected to find out if they were killed that round.
  • Mimic Goose: You are considered a member of the duck family.

Special Duck Roles

  • Cannibal Duck: Once per game, you can consume a corpse to erase the evidence.
  • Assassin Duck: You can assassinate someone during a meeting twice per game by accurately predicting their role. If you’re wrong, you pass away.
  • Professional Duck: Although they cannot see your bodies, geese will autoreport when they are nearby.
  • Silencer Duck: A geese can be made silent during a game so that they won’t speak at the subsequent meeting.
  • Morphling Duck: You can transform into different players. Just watch out not to be seen with them!
  • Lover Duck: Simply put, you must continue to live with your other partner.
  • Spy Duck: Someone’s role is revealed when they are the only one to vote for them.
  • Warlock Duck: You can sabotage with a powerful swarm of locusts!
  • Serial Killer Duck: While killing anyone else lengthens the countdown, killing your target shortens it.
  • Invisibility Duck: You are able to disappear.
  • Undertaker Duck: Corpses can be dragged at a slower rate.
  • Ninja Duck: You can kill multiple ducks at once, but the cooldown is tripled. However, you can get rid of it more quickly by loitering in restricted areas.
  • Identity Thief Duck: Until a meeting is convened, you will transform into your most recent victim. Avoid reporting bodies while you are shape-shifting!
  • Demolitionist Duck: On other geese, bombs can be planted.
  • Party Duck: Everyone speaks with a squeaky voice at meetings.
  • Snitch Duck: They go to jail because they were the only one to vote for them.
  • Hitman Duck: Kill for a reward.

Special Bird Roles

  • Vulture: Eat corpses to succeed.
  • Falcon: The ducks and geese can only win while you are still alive, thus you must win as the sole survivor.
  • Dodo Bird: To win, you must be voted out.
  • Pelican: As the final survivor, triumph. However, until a meeting is held, other players won’t be killed if you consume them.
  • Dueling Dodos: After the other dodo perishes, get voted out to win. You can kill the other dodo if you complete your made-up objectives.
  • Pigeon: In one round, you must infect every other play to win.

Goose Goose Duck Guide – How To Unlock Cosmetics

You’ll need accessories if you want to be noticed. You can access the game’s purchase menus by selecting “collection” from the main menu page. You’ll never run out of stuff to buy, from caps to farts to murderous techniques.

Silver and Gold are the game’s two currencies. Games can net you silver whether you win or lose. However, gold must be purchased. Gold can be obtained through achievements, however purchasing gold is the preferred method of doing so.

You can buy the cosmetics you want by looking through the menus. Depending on which currency you like to use while purchasing the item, some things can be purchased with either silver or gold. You can equip an item once it has been purchased.

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