How To Get Rachnoid Mesmersilk in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

how to get rachnoid mesmersilk in monster hunter rise sunbreak

Last Updated on 24 January, 2023

How To Get Rachnoid Mesmersilk in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Read on to learn more about Rachnoid Mesmersilk and how to obtain them in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

In the action role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise, the player can gather materials to upgrade his armor and weaponry. The fifth-generation monster in the game is called Rachnoid. These little creatures are descendants of the Temnoceran Rakna-Kadi. In Monster Hunter 4, the monster class Temnoceran was first introduced. The strongest thread in the game, Mesmersilk, is provided by Rakna-Kadi and her successor Rachnoid. In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, obtaining Rachnoid Mesmersilk is one of the requirements for crafting or upgrading a weapon or piece of armor. Here is our guide that covers some important details.

How To Get Rachnoid Mesmersilk in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak 

To obtain Mesmersilk from Rachnoids, you must have a Master Rank. Small white spiders with black claws are known as rachnoids. Their attack style consists of claw strikes and fireballs emitted from their mouth. Stay alert and follow these steps to obtain the Mesmersilk from these monsters:

  • Rachnoids are more likely to be found in the Lava Caverns and the Sandy Plains. –  You must kill them in order to obtain Mesmersilk from this monster. However, your chances of obtaining a Mesmersilk are only 53%. Monster Essence has a 32% chance of appearing, and a tough claw has a 15% chance of appearing.
  • To locate these monsters more easily, enter the ‘Tears of Temnocerans’ quest. The main goal of this quest is to kill 15 Rachnoids and Pyrantulas each. The location of these creatures is already marked on the map, so finding them will be easy
  • Rachnoids usually travel in groups, so be cautious if you come into contact with them. Kill these monsters to gain access to the Mesmersilk.
  • The Rachnoid Mesmersilk is used to make items such as:
  • Hamlet’s Horn
  • Kelbi Deershot
  • Darkest Night
  • Araknatootle
  • Arachnid Sheerstrike
  • Aelucanth Thorax X
  • Mosgharl Creeper X
  • Mosgharl Folia X
  • Bnahabra Coil X
  • Rhopessa Thorax X
  • Mosgharl X Set
  • Melahoa X Set
  • Rakna Helm X
  • Bnahabra X Set
  • Rhopessa X Set
  • Rakna Coil X
  • Melahoa Hat X
  • Melahoa Folia X
  • Aelucanth X Set
  • Rakna-Kadaki X Set

That’s everything you need to know about Rachnoids and Mesmersilks in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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