MHR Sunbreak Torpor Sac (How To Get It)

mhr sunbreak torpor sac

Last Updated on 24 January, 2023

MHR Sunbreak Torpor Sac – This guide will teach you how to obtain a Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

The most newest expansion to the game is titled Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. For endgame gamers, this expansion introduced a completely new set of quests. The rewards and materials obtained from quests help players create their armor to the highest level and quality. The Torpor Sac is one such new substance that appeared in the Sunbreak expansion. It can be found in a wide range of weapons and armor. I’ll explain how to get a Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in this article.

MHR Sunbreak Torpor Sac – How To Get It

One of the new Materials in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion is the Torpor Sac. It can only be obtained through boss drops. You must defeat the Great Baggi in the Frost Islands to get it. The Frost Islands are home to the large bird wyvern known as Great Baggi. To obtain Torpor Sacs in MHR Sunbreak, follow these steps:

  • Torpor Sacs have a 30% chance of appearing as Target Rewards of the Great Baggi.
  • Breaking the Head Part grants the player a Torpor Sac, but it only has a 20% chance of dropping.
  • There is a 32% chance of getting a Torpor Sac if you carve the body.
  • Torpor Sacs can also be obtained from Narwa the Allmother’s Target Rewards (30% chance) and Broken Part Head Rewards (20% chance).
  • Remember that Narwa the Allmother and Great Baggi must be hunted in Master Rank Quests.

Torpor Sacs can be obtained in MHR Sunbreak in this manner. When you have enough, you can make the following items:

  • Baggi Greaves X
  • Baggi Vambraces X
  • Morpheus Knife +
  • Nightmare Frilled Blade
  • Somnacanth Helm X
  • Soporific Shellblade +
  • Waking Nightmare +

This guide will show you how to obtain a Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Hopefully, this guide has been useful to you.

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