How to get Reaper in AUT Roblox – A Universal Time

How to get Reaper in AUT Roblox

Last Updated on 9 September, 2023

How to get Reaper in AUT Roblox – A Universal Time – Corrupted Soul, Bon Shaker, Requiem Arrow, Summon and Defeat the Reaper

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How to get Reaper in AUT Roblox – Guide

Find Bon Shaker with Corrupted Soul and complete his questline.

  • To get Corrupted Soul complete the Goku (NPC) Quest (explained below), and wish for Corruption from the Shenron (NPC) to get it.
  • Find Bon Shaker Next to a Dumpster behind a shop to the left of the Train Station, and talk to him
  • 1st Choice: Do you have any Idea what this corrupted Souls does?
  • 2nd Choice: So what do I need to collect?
  • 3rd Choice: Got it
  • Complete the Quest (collect 100 Souls from NPCs) and talk to Bon Shaker again
  • 4th choice: I have finished reaping souls
  • 5th choice: Very Well
  • If you already have a Requiem Arrow, just talk to him again. If you dont have it, defeat Diavolo (at the Colosseum) to get one, and talk to him again
  • 6th choice: I have brought the requiem arrow
  • You will receive the corrupted Arrow
  • Go to the Dark Souls area (Waterfall & bonfire)
  • Before defeating the Reaper make sureyou ability inventory isn’t full
  • Summon the previous Reaper (costs 500K)
  • Defeat the reaper and get the Reaper Ability

Goku (NPC) Quest – Corrupted Soul

In case you have doubts about how to get Corrupted Soul, we also explain the steps of Goku’s mission

  • Find Goku Outside the Kame House at the beach and talk to him
  • Obtain the 7 Dragon Balls and give them to him
  • Complete the Next Quest, Road to Strongest
    • Defeat Diavolo
    • Kill 15 Thug
    • Defeat Umbra (Boss)
    • Defeat 1 Dio (0/1)
  • Talk to Goku again, Shenron will appear, choose Corruption to get the Corrupt Soul

How to get Reaper in AUT Roblox – Video guide

In case you have doubts with any of the steps or locations, we leave you this Junkbott video guide

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