A Universal Time Controls AUT – PC & Xbox (2024)

A Universal Time Controls AUT

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

A Universal Time Controls AUT – PC – Learn to perform each of the actions in Xbox and PC (keyboard) using this controls guide

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A Universal Time Controls AUT – PC

These are all the controls and keybinds for PC Keyboard

  • WASD – Movement Keys
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • Shift – Shift Lock (Lock your camera)
  • Q – Summon Your Stand (If you have one equipped)
  • X – Block
  • Z – Run/Walk
  • C – Dash
  • E, R, T, F, Y, B, P, G, N, H, V – Abilities depending on your Stand
  • M – Menu (Access Products, Bank, Quests, Gang, and Settings)
  • N – Recite a Quote
  • O – Zoom Camera Out
  • I – Zoom Camera In
  • P or G  – to Pose
  • V – to Time Skip / Teleport

Do you know more controls, or combinations with which to perform other actions? Share it with us in the comments so we can add it to the guide and help those who haven’t discovered it yet

AUT Menu Controls

Press M to open the menu and access to:

  • Products: The shop, you will need robux to buy them
  • Bank: The inventory, equip an item in your hand and click on an empty slot to add them to the inventory, if you need more slots you will need robux
  • Quest: Current available and active quests
  • Gangs: Your social menu
  • Settings: Camera options, in-game indicators, and graphic settings

AUT Abilities Controls

Equip an stand and press on the keys E, R, T, F, Y, B, P, G, N, H, V

Each stand has different abilities, so the keys will do different things depending on the stand, and some keys will do nothing if your stand doesn’t have any skills for the slot that the key corresponds to.

If there is anything else you need to know or discover an additional function, we would appreciate if you leave us a comment, so that we can expand this guide or answer your questions.

A Universal Time Controls AUT – Xbox

These are all the controls for Xbox

  • A – Jump
  • B – Back
  • X – Leave
  • Y – Reset Character
  • R3 – Zoom In
  • RT – Use Tool
  • RB/LB – Switch Tool

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