How to get True Anubis in Sakura Stand?

How to get True Anubis in Sakura Stand

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

How to get True Anubis in Sakura Stand – Going From Noob To True Anubis guide, with locations, steps and tips

How to get True Anubis in Sakura Stand – Steps

Getting the new, and probably better, evolution of the game is super simple, you just have to know a location and complete a quest:

  1. Talk to Hika (Under the bus stop, Northern side of the Arena) NPC with Anubis will change his dialogue into giving you a quest instead
  2. Finish the quest and talk to Hika NPC again with Anubis equipped
  3. He will replace your stand with ‘True Anubis’

How to get Anubis Stand?

Possibly you already know where Hika is, but you may not have gotten the Anubis Stand yet, necessary to unlock True Anubis, so we explain the steps

  1. Talk to Hika (Under the bus stop, Northern side of the Arena)
  2. He will ask for 1000 Cash, in return giving player The Anubis quest.
  3. If all quest’s demands are fulfilled, player will be yield with Haunted Sword that will give player the Anubis Stand, if used on Standless

About True Anubis

In case you are interested in knowing the new Stand:

  • Passive: Every 100 points above S rank (15000) will regenrate 1 HP once the points resets
  • Q – Sheathe / Unsheathe
  • H – Calm mind: is an awakening which buffs your damage by 1.15x (requires S rank)
  • LMB – Sheathe:
  • E – Uppercut: The user do flip kick dealt greatly stunt 10 dmg
  • E (ground) – Air cleaving: The user rapidly slashes and creates a large sphere made from slashes in front
  • R – Astral Star: User slicing the sword upward pull first hit enemy up to air brone with user
  • T – Knock Away: User slice the sword diagonally knocking enemy away
  • T – Point Strike: Dashing forward bounce enemy up
  • E (air) – Rage cleaving: Rapidly slicing in front then dashing backward
  • R – Instant Slash: Instant dimensional slash
  • Y – Follow Up: User throw anubis out if hit living then teleported user to the sword
  • T +6 mode (ground) – Point Focus: Dashing forward rapidly slice enemy in the way then bounce them up
  • T +6 mode (air) – Meteor Stike: Moves Changes to combo extender user knock enemy to the ground
  • G (ground) – Overcharge: User charges force into his sword then jab anything forward holdable up to 3 stacks
  • G (air) Milky Way): User slice sword waves pulling whoever got hit closer
  • P – Pose

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How to get True Anubis in Sakura Stand – Video Guide

A WinterKloudz video guide where you will see how to get Anubis from scratch, completing all the Hike quest

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