How to Hack Blooklet – Glixzzy Github Hacks

How to Hack Blooklet github glixzzy

Last Updated on 22 September, 2023

How to Hack Blooklet – Glixzzy Github Hacks – The popular hacker puts at your disposal the best tools to hack Blooklet

Blooket is a game-based learning platform that allows teachers to create educational games to share with students. You can host live games that students can play using a generated ID or assign games as homework for students to play at their own pace.

And as in most internet games and applications there are lots of hacks and ways to cheat to improve your results, we are going to show you the best

How to Hack Blooklet – GitHub Hacks

Gifthub hacks are among the most popular on Blooklet thanks to Github user glixzzy, who has been offering the best hacks for a long time, so we are going to explain how to use them

Warning: Blooket is blocking all users who are using hacks now. So we recommend you not to use them until there is greater security in this regard.

These are the steps to use glixzzy GitHub hacks:

    1. Open the GitHub link
    2. Select (click) a folder or mode
    3. If you want to follow our example click on the global folder
    4. Click on the link of your choice:
    5. Copy the codes of the previous links
    6. Go to a the game room
    7. Paste the code (two methods)
      • Open internet browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J) and paste the code into the console
      • Clear your address bar,  type in “javascript:”, paste the code, and press enter
    8. Click on OK
    9. Congrats, your hack is active

Check this video guide from Python & Gaming if you need help with the steps of the glixzzy Github Blooklet Hack:

How to Hack Blooklet – GitHub Tokens Cheat

Another hack to have as many tokens as you decide:

  • Searn in Google “School Cheats Blooket”
  • Log in > Click on “Global” > then on “Add Tokens”
  • Go to
  • Right-click and select “Inspect” > Click on the “Console tab > Paste the code
  • Type in the amount of tokens (your choice) and Click on “OK”
  • Refresh
  • Enjoy your tokens

You can choose the hack that you like the most, but as you can see, you will not lack tokens, although it respects the limitation of 500 daily tokens


Frequently asked questions about the hack answered by Glixzzy, the author of the most popular hacks for Blooklet

Question: The all permanent blooks isn’t working!

Answer: Yes, it was a joke and does not permanently work.

Question: Is there any way to bypass the 500 token per day limit or change the time before reset timer?

Answer: Nope! This is simply not possible, because it is server-side.

Question: Can I make custom blook skins and use them in game?

Answer: If you gain enough xp through grinding or using the addTokens hack, you will be able to make your own custom blooks under the Stats tab on Blooket. But if you are trying to upload your own fully custom blooks, this is not currently possible, as all blooks are server-side.

Question: Ahhh! My account was banned! Was I just banned for hacking blooket?

Answer: Probably not, this is a bug that is going around that doesn’t let you in your account for a short period of time. The best thing to do is just wait it out.

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