How to unlock the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22

NBA 2k22 Fire Ball

Last Updated on 22 December, 2021

How to unlock the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22, in the article you could find how to unlock it. Stay tunned and follow this small guide.

The awesome fireball can be unlocked in MyCareer and MyTeam, so we will explain you both methods

How to unlock the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22 – MyCareer

To win the fireball within MyCareer, you must win a total of 10 park games.

If you manage to win 10 games, the basketball will light up like a real ball of fire. Once you get it, you must be careful as some rivals will appear, which can knock down the court or even play with the fire basketball ball.

But the fireball in MyCareer is not permanent, so it will be rare that you can always see it.

How to unlock the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22 – MyTeam Fire Ball

On the contrary, in MyTeam, the fireball WILL be permanent, but it is quite difficult to obtain.

You must unlock all levels of basketball cards in MyTeam, including:

  • x5 Bronze-tier basketballs
  • x11 Silver-tier basketballs
  • x10 Gold-tier basketballs
  • All the special balls

You have can get all those basketballs by playing or buy them in the auction house for real money.

Once, you collected all bronze, silver and gold basketballs, you must also collect the special balls:

  • The Holographic Ball
  • Vintage Ball
  • Beach Ball
  • Pink Diamond Ball
  • Diamond Ball
  • Amethyst Ball

How to unlock the Special Balls?

Here, you have how to unlock each of these:

  • Holographic Ball > Collect 10 of each Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Token Reward players.
  • Vintage Ball > Collect all East Conference Balls
  • Beach Ball > Collect all West Conference Balls
  • Pink Diamond Ball > Collect 5 Pink Diamond Token Reward Players
  • Diamond Ball > Collect 5 Diamond Token Reward Players
  • Amethyst Ball > Collect 5 Amethyst Token Reward Players

Once all of them get collected, you could find your Fire Ball. This Ball can be used in MyTeam game; has a unique animation of fire trailing. The ball looks very similar to NBA 2K21’s Fire Ball.

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