How to Unlock The Forgotten in Binding of Isaac – Afterbirth+

Unlock The Forgotten in Binding of Isaac

Last Updated on 17 September, 2020

How to Unlock The Forgotten in Binding of Isaac – Requirements, The Broken Shovel, the Dark Room and a step by step guide to succeed unlocking The Forgotten

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How to Unlock The Forgotten in Binding of Isaac

Previous Requirements: Unlock The Negative and also defeat The Lamb. Available in normal and also in hard difficulty

Character to unlock The Forgotten: You need a character that can mov and kill fast, our recommendation: Azazel

  1. First, start a new unseeded run as any character and Defeat the first floor’s boss within 1 minute

Broken Shovel 1/2

  1. Bombing anywhere in the starting room will spawn the Broken Shovel (it turns into an active collectible only when touched for the first time)
    • If Hold the Broken Shovel > Mom will try to stomp Isaac, but Using the Broken Shovel will stop the stomping for the current room or wave
      • The stomps won’t happen in the Mom fight.
      • Stomps count as explosions (inmmunity with Pyromaniac or also Host Hat)
      • Stomps break rocks and also damage enemies
    • On XL floors, only the last boss must be defeated (The Emperor Card to skip the first boss)
    • Once the Broken Shovel is picked up, it must not be replaced by another active item

Broken Shovel 2/2

  1. Clear Boss Rush to grant the second piece of the Broken Shovel
    • Broken Shovel must be held when the boss rush is beaten
    • The Negative will spawn once Mom is defeated
    • The 20 minute time limit to reach Boss Rush does not apply, but the hole to The Womb will be sealed until the Boss Rush is completed.
  2. A single Grave Room will appear in the Dark Room, Use Mom’s Shovel while standing on the dirt patch to umlock The Forgotten.
    • Don’t exit the Grave Room before the soul reaches the top of the screen
    • Hold Mom’s Shovel to prevent the beam of light to the Cathedral from appearing

Video Guide – How to Unlock The Forgotten in Binding of Isaac

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