Idle Heroes Guide – Heroes, Tier List, Reroll, Tips…

Idle Heroes Guide

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Idle Heroes Guide – Heroes, Tier List, Reroll, Summon, Gear or Equipment and also a lot of Tips to get free stuff

Idle Heroes Guide – Reroll

Rerolling is a time waste in Idle Heroes, you can recruit Heroes with crystals (heroic summon), farming shards, or buying them from the market place, and we will show you how to do it. So forget about rerolling

Idle Heroes Guide – Tier List

These are the best characters or heroes in the game, the highest tier, the Tier S:

  • Angelina – Rol: Reactive / Key stats: HP, Attack, Holy, and also Immune
  • Xia – Rol: Reactive / Key stats: Block, HP, Crit, and also Attack
  • Aspen – Rol: Burst / Key stats: Crit, Attack, HP and also Immune
  • Amuvor – Rol: Burst / Key stats: Crit, and also Attack
  • Valkyrie – Rol: Burst / Key stats: HP
  • Belrain – Rol: Support / Key stats: Attack, Speed, HP, and also Energy
  • Valkyrie – Rol: Utility / Key stats: HP
  • Mihm – Rol: Utility / Key stats: Attack, HP and also Speed

There are a lot of characters in other Tiers (Tier A, Tier B, Tier C and Tier D), if you want to check them all, go here > Idle Heroes Tier List

Idle Heroes Guide – Free resources

  • Of course watch the video ads to get free gems or crystals
  • Disassemble the useless heroes to get free spirits and stone
  • Redeem the gift codes or Cd keys and claim the rewards

Idle Heroes Guide – Heroes Basics

How to Get Heroes?

You can get heroes through

  • Collecting shards
  • Summon
  • Buy them from the market place
  • Battle event
  • Event Dungeon
  • Auto Battle
  • Summon Circle
  • Prophet Tree
  • Casino
  • Tavern Quest
  • Friend Search

Summon Heroes

About summon, take in mind:

  • Basic summon: Up to 2 star heroes and requires basic summon scrolls (you can get basic summon scrolls in battle)
  • Friendship summon: Normal quality heroes
  • Heroic Summon: from 3 to 5 stars heroes, there are free heroic summons (you just have to wait), or you can buy heroic summons with crystals

Heroes Placement

Place the tank (high HP and defense hero) first to receive damage, as a shield, then place the damage dealers and the supports so they can damage or boost their allies without receiving damage

Team Planning

Watch this guide, by Zeals Ambitions, to learn about building a hero and also about team planning

Idle Heroes Guide – Gears or Equipment

Equip the best gears to the heroes to improve their stats, if you want to know where or how to get better equipment:

  • Forge low quality gears, weapons or equipment to make better quality gears, weapons or equipment
  • Farm equipment in Battles, Hero Trials Arena and also Tower of Oblivion

Idle Heroes Guide – Increase the Power of your Heroes

Level Up Heroes

Level Up all the heroes of your team by investing spirits and coins, farm both items from battles

Equip the best gears

See the Gears or Equipment section above

Evolve Heroes Tiers

To evolve a Hero you need to reach a certain hero level (30, 40, 50…) , but it’s worth it because you will not only improve the hero stats, you will also unlock new and previously locked skills

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