Idle Heroes Tier List – Best Characters

Idle Heroes Tier List best characters

Last Updated on 1 January, 2024

Wellcome to the unofficial Idle Heroes Tier List, heroes or heroes ranked by tiers depending on their roles and with info about their key stats

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Also take in mind that their roles determine the slot to place them:

  • Reactive: 1st slot
  • Burst & Support: 2nd or 3rd slot
  • Utility: anywhere

Heroes that are not included on this list do not currently have void imprints and are either food or exclusively useful in PvE

Tier SS – The Best heroes

Tier SS are the best heroes, like the God Tier of the game

  • Scarlet Queen – Role: Damage and also support
  • Sword Flash – Role: Damage

Idle Heroes Tier List – Tier S

Tier S are some of the best heroes of the game

  • Amen Ra – Role: Support, Disruption and also Control
  • Carrie – Role: Damage and also Distuption
  • Russell – Role: Damage and also Control
  • Sherlock – Role: Disruption, Control and also Tank
  • Rogan – Role: Support

Idle Heroes Tier List – Tier A

Tier A are still really good choices

  • Drake – Role: Damage, Disruption and also Support
  • Tix – Role: Damage and also Control
  • Ignis – Role: Support

Idle Heroes Tier List – Tier B

Tier B are not bad heroes / roles, but of course worse than tier S or Tier A

  • Aida – Role: Damage, and also Disruption
  • Tara – Role: Damage and also Control
  • Inosuke – Role: Damage and also Tank

Idle Heroes Tier List – Tier C

Tier C are average / bad heroes / roles

  • Ithaqua – Role: Damage
  • Unimax 3000 – Role: Disruption and also Tank
  • Morax – Role: Tank and also Damage
  • Flora – Role: Damage

Tier D – Worst heroes

Tier D are the worst heroes / roles

  • Delacium – Role: Damage and also Support

Non Void Heroes –  Carry

These are the best Non Void Carry Heroes

  • Hours – Role: Block & ATK and also Block & HP
  • Penny – Role: Crit & Crit & ATK
  • Cthugha – Role: ATK & ATK & Skill, and also Holy & ATK & ATK
  • Garuda – Role: Holy & ATK & ATK and also Crit & Crit & ATK

Non Void Heroes –  Support

These are the best Non Void Support Heroes

  • Belrain – Role: Speed & Heal and also ATK & ATK
  • Kross – Role: Speed & ATK and also HP & HP
  • Elyvia – Role: Speed & HP and also HP & HP
  • Custin – Role: Speed & HP and also HP & HP
  • Emily – Role: Speed & HP and also HP & HP
  • Ormus – Role: ATK & Heal & HP and also ATK & ATK

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