Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips & Tricks

Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips & Tricks

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips & Tricks – Game by Ubisoft – All the important tips and tricks to play Immortals Fenyx Rising, just check them!

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips & Tricks

Some tips & tricks for all players, even if you are an expert

Combat Tips

In addition, there are a few general strategies that apply to all adversaries in the game, not just particular ones. Combat Tips.


Dodging may seem easy, but it’s a crucial skill in many of the battles Feynx faces. In addition, you can learn a skill that strengthens your subsequent attack following a dodge, which can genuinely change the course of the battle.

Apollo’s Arrows

In addition, employing Apollo’s Arrows slows down time, allowing you to shoot more precisely without fear of being taken out. Use it to land the initial blow on an enemy lurking around a corner, or for a precise headshot when needed.

Dealing With Shield Enemies

As you go, you will encounter foes who use shields to defend themselves. The most effective way to strike these is from above or below, using Godly Powers. Another option is to use Apollo’s Arrow and aim for their foot beneath their shields. It still does a lot of damage and is a good technique to sneak in a hit.

Open World Tips

Immortals Fenyx Rising requires a lot of exploration, so here’s how to make the most of it. Of course, you’ll also need to survive, but that’s more the responsibility of Combat Tips.

Improve Your Weapons

You can strengthen your weapons in the Hall of Gods to increase their destructive power. It’s crucial that you keep developing your axe and sword as the game progresses. Don’t worry about switching weapons when you discover better ones because you can only enhance the axe’s kind, not any particular weapon.

Build Up Your Stamina

Stamina is crucial to your success in the game and is utilized for Godly Powers in combat, therefore you should constantly clearing vaults to preserve it at a healthy level.

Far Sight

To continue the tale, you’ll need to scout from each of the map’s four statues. While you’re up here, utilize Far Sight to investigate the world below. This allows you to move the camera around to discover all of the treasures, Ambrosia, and other secrets of the zone.

Don’t glide

You may need to glide across to ledges or platforms on occasion, but there is always the strong temptation to glide from a high, fast travel point to go about faster. However, doing so will cause you to miss out on a lot of important information. You’re better off going on foot because it will allow you to discover mysteries that you missed when scouting, find a mount, or just encounter foes who drop crucial shards.

Get a mount

Getting a mount is a good idea. If you’re going to follow the recommendation to stay away from gliding and rapid movement, having a mount allows you to move more quickly without losing up on ground content. A purple unicorn with three stamina bars can be discovered early in Valley of the Eternal Spring, to the south. Be prepared to seek, though; it’s not easy to find.

Glide onto a mount

Holding the mount button while you are sufficiently low will make Fenyx fall from the sky onto the mount if you are gliding. Just looks good; there’s no genuine bonus here. Enjoy!

Quick swim

Fenyx will be required to enter the water at various points, either to solve puzzles or to explore. Once you’ve unlocked dash swimming, keep in mind that it’s even faster if Fenyx is underwater.

Hit vaults early

Vaults grant Lightning, which grants Stamina. Stamina is used in combat, puzzles, and traversing the open world, so it’s a valuable resource. It’s arguably more useful than HP because you can adjust the difficulty or change tactics if you continue to lose health. You’ve got what you’ve got with Stamina, and there’s only one way to change it.

Take pictures of puzzle solutions

This is a nice little cheat. While our walkthrough and vault guide can assist you, there are a few puzzles that require you to remember some visual cues. If you photograph the solution, depending on the console you’re using, you can quickly access the image to double-check it. The PS5 is ideal for this, but it will also work on Xbox. You have to leave the game on the Switch to check it, but it can still be useful.


Along with the standard Adamantium Shards, specific Chest types contain the following items:

Plain Chests have 3 Golden Amber (used for Potion upgrades)
Epic Chests contain armor and helms
Guarded Chests contain weapons
Night Chests contain Midnight Fragments

For information on which chests contain the best gear, visit the Chest Locations page.

Use the shadow

This platforming trick is a classic. Every time Fenyx leaps, a shadow appears beneath them. Make sure you never miss a platform by using this.

Traversal and Platforming Tips

Fenyx includes a lot of climbing, gliding, and platforming to do in addition to generally exploring the open environment. Here, we’ll examine ways to ensure that Feynx can move swiftly and safely.

Triple jump

When combined with Ares’s Wrath, which launches you into the air, Fenyx’s double leap skill can be upgraded to a triple jump. This practical advice will guarantee that even the most difficult platforms can be climbed. Since Fenyx’s movements are less restricted when she jumps, you should perform this in the middle of the motion (jump, Wrath, double jump).

Hold to jump

The longer you hold the jump button, whether X or A, the higher you jump. This extra boost makes all the difference in some crucial jumps. Remember to hold for double jumps as well.

Phosphor’s Clone

This is mentioned as an important skill in the Hall Of Gods guide, but it bears repeating. If you ever get stuck in a vault (remember, our Vaults of Tartaros Solutions are also there), use Phosphor’s Clone to add weight to pressure pads.

Keep it on the screen

Only when an object is on the screen does the telekenesis grasp function. Keep in mind that if something is within Fenyx’s reach but not visible, she won’t grab it until the camera is adjusted.

Stick with the gimmicks

Every vault in the game has a single gimmick, with the exception of the last vault, which blends various concepts. That might entail tossing a ball, hitting targets, stacking boxes, or anything else. The fact that it is the same is what matters. Simply keep in mind that the same concepts will be used in the more challenging challenges in that vault once the initial puzzle demonstrates how it works.

Aphrodite’s Beauty Chair

The Hall Of Gods is your central hub, which you can access after completing the Prologue in Clashing Rocks. In terms of the main plot, you’ll need to return here on occasion to assist the Gods who arrive, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

River Styx Cistern

You can spend your Coins of Charon here on Godly Powers or regular Skills. There are none that are a waste of money, but some are unquestionably more important than others. We recommend starting with the skills listed below.

  • Skills
    • Double Jump
    • Glide Boost
    • Axe/Sword Sprint Attack – whichever weapon you favor
    • Swim Dash
  • Godly Powers
    • Ares’s Wrath: Multi Hits
    • Phosphor’s Attack: Phosphor’s Clone
    • Hephaistos’s Hammer: Forward Shockwave

Bench Of Zeus

You can use your Lightning points here to increase your stamina. Check out our Vaults Of Tartaros Solutions since the more vaults you complete, the more lightning you receive.

Kylix Of Athena

This is where Ambrosia is spent to improve your health. To increase Fenyx’s HP, visit our Ambrosia Locations.

Forge Of Hephaistos

This is where you can improve your gear. Arrows and Potions require Blue and Yellow shards, while Armor and Helmets require Blue and Purple shards and Bows, Swords, and Axes require Blue and Red shards.

Cauldron Of Circe

You can use Golden Amber to improve the potency of potions or convert raw materials into potions here. Chests contain golden amber.

Hermes’s Heroic Task Board

Hermes’s Heroic tasks may be found here. There are a total of 36 of them, including 10 Combat, 8 Vault, 10 Exploration, and 8 Myth Challenge activities. The Hermes’s Heroic Task Board manual provides an exhaustive breakdown.

About Game Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips & Tricks

Immortals Fenyx Rising (originally titled Gods and Monsters) is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Ubisoft Quebec. On December 3, 2020, the game was released to positive reviews for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Amazon Luna.

The game tells the story of Fenyx, a mortal who must stop the evil Typhon after his escape from the underworld, as narrated by Prometheus to Zeus.

The story of Immortals Fenyx Rising tells us how Zeus and the other gods of Olympus are in serious trouble. Typhon, one of the titans, is free, and has taken much of his powers from them. To add insult to injury, he has petrified humans… so Zeus is forced to ask Prometheus, the thief of fire, for help.

Prometheus proposes a bet, which leads him to tell the story of Fenyx, Zeus’s only option to end the evil that threatens to take the f**king world ahead.

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