Innocent Witches Cheat

Innocent Witches Cheat

Last Updated on 20 December, 2022

Innocent Witches Cheat – Unlock the hidden cheat for instant victory, it will also help you to make Hermione’s game easier

Innocent Witches Cheat – Are there Cheats?

Well, if you were looking for a list of console commands, or a hidden menu of cheats, there are neither cheats nor console at the moment

But you can unlock the cheat button for instant victory and to reduce the number of fragments in Hermione’s minigame by 33%.

So although there are no cheats to farm or unlock events, there is a very interesting cheat.

And in case you were looking for cheats because you are stuck, we recommend that you consult the Walkthrough. After reading it, you shouldn’t need any cheat

Innocent Witches Cheat – How to unlock?

Requires level 6 Intellect. So first upgrade the stat to level 6. Then Summon Hermione Officially and choose option “A Game of Wits”. Choose the stage you want (Easy, Normal or Hard), and then choose the Focus even More option to unlock the cheat button

As you can see, it has no difficulty, beyond raising the level of the intellect statistic, below we explain how to do it

How to Raise Intellect Stat to Level 6?

You can train any statistic (brutality, Intellect, Perception and Control) up to 4 times a day through the desk interface. In case you don’t know your current level of any statistic you can check it in the journal, on the stats tab

So simply go to the desk and press the button to train statistics. It’s the button on the top right, the one with the three arrows pointing up. You can repeat this action up to 4 times a day. So reaching level 6 only requires spending some time

We recommend that you raise all the statistics above level 10, you will need them sooner or later

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  1. You are wrong about there not being console commands. There are. You can unlock the console the same way you can with any renpy game.

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