Inscryption All Secrets – Act1, Act 2 & Act 3

Last Updated on 15 November, 2021

Inscryption All Secrets – Act1, Act 2 & Act 3 – A guide with all the secrets, some of them are easter eggs, in each act of Inscryption

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Inscryption All Secrets – Act1

  1. Campfire Murder: Once you can use the campfire more than once feed the people the worm or other poisonous creatures
  2. Open the Painting: Open the painting 3 times in different runs for permanent bonusses
  3. Cuckoo ring: notice that on the table there’s a carving depicting 11 o’clock to get the ring from the cuckoo clock
  4. Glitched Card: draw the glitched card that’s going to turn into a random card upon drawing it from the deck during the battle, binary = Deep Beneath
  5. Free Bone Boom: click the goat skull on the wall twice for the boost
  6. Greater Smoke Card: Place the candle near the cabinet x3 times (1 time per run) for a Greater Smoke card
  7. Free Amalgam: Visit the Wood Carver x8 times for an amalgam
  8. Free Teeth: The skull can be looted for teeth
  9. Goat Crush: instead of getting normal eye replacement. Get the goat/double iris eye and Black Goat cards will crush/lust blush with Heart sigil forehead and nightwear

Inscryption All Secrets – Act2

  1. Secret Image 1: Where you baited the shark find the place and go up to unlock the secret image
  2. The Wood Carver: Where you trapped the rabbit find the place and go up to unlock the wood carver
  3. Secret Image 2: on the 1st floor of the Magicks tower find the place and go up to unlock the secret image
  4. Drowned Soul card: interact with the well for the 2d time
  5. Great Kraken: 3rd floor of the Magicks tower > click on tentacle in the bathtub (look in the mirror) > docks > click on the other tentacle
  6. Clover: also in the docks (It lets you reshuffle your hand once at the beginning of the match)
  7. The cat finally dies: and it’s pretty funny, you have to euthanize it 9 times

Inscryption All Secrets – Act3

  1. The Locked Crypt: Open the crypt with the Act 2 key (from offering the obol) for a funny inteaction
  2. Ourobot: Go to the Temple of Magicks (where the trader was) and buy the hint to reveal how to get your Ourobot back
  3. Activist’s face: select an image file during stage 1 or start of stage 2 of the boss fight
  4. Secret Passages: Check this image – Map:secret passages
  5. Goo Pillar – Solve the puzzle: Clock = 1’clock > Turn the camera drone, flash it when it’s facing the opposite side > and look at the thombstone > create the exact same card as depicted behind on the left of P03
  6. Woodcarver’s Face: floating in dark corners of the roamable building

Secrets in Video

You can also watch all the secrets in this video, by Sifd

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