Inscryption All Achievements Guide

Inscryption All Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 15 November, 2021

Inscryption All Achievements Guide – All the achievements and how to unlock them, with guides, tips and video tutorials

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Inscryption All Achievements Guide – All Achievements

These are all the achievements and their descriptions, follow the links or scroll down for tutorials:

  • Blood Artist: Complete your first Deathcard (check the Walkthrough)
  • Innocuous Insect: Free a Stinkbug from the safe (check the Walkthrough)
  • Uncage the Menagerie: Free the Wolf Statue from its cage (check the Walkthrough)
  • Ancestral Vision: Fill your empty pocket with something magical (check the Walkthrough)
  • Reborn Hope: Find a spare film roll (check the Walkthrough)
  • Enduring Victory: Defeat Leshy (check the Walkthrough)
  • Renewal: Start a new game (check the Walkthrough)
  • Doomed Necromancer: Complete the Temple of the Dead (check the Walkthrough)
  • Avenging Druid: Complete the Temple of Beasts (check the Walkthrough)
  • Accomplished Automaton: Complete the Temple of Technology (check the Walkthrough)
  • Wizard Mentor: Complete the Temple of Magicks (check the Walkthrough)
  • Miner’s Bane: Defeat The Prospector (check the Walkthrough)
  • Grizzled Angler: Defeat The Angler (check the Walkthrough)
  • Face to Face: Defeat The Trapper and the Trader (check the Walkthrough)
  • Squirrel Wrangler: Win a battle with damage from Squirrels (Squirrel Wrangler)
  • Gruesome Encore: Allow the Mycologists to experiment on a creature that is already itself an experiment (Gruesome Encore)
  • Role Reversal: Steal back one of your creatures from The Angler (Role Reversal)
  • Balance of Power: Allow P03 to gain control of Inscryption (check the Walkthrough)
  • Rank and File: Defeat The Archivist (check the Walkthrough)
  • Essence Capture: Defeat The Photographer (check the Walkthrough)
  • Painter’s Servant: Defeat The Unfinished Boss (check the Walkthrough)
  • Natural Connection: Defeat G0lly (check the Walkthrough)
  • Murder Witness: the death of P03 (check the Walkthrough)
  • Dramatic Finale: Complete the finale of Inscryption (check the Walkthrough)
  • Collective Effort: Collect every card in the Original Inscryption (Collective Effort)
  • Devil’s Play: Attack for over 666 damage in the Original Inscryption (Devil’s Play)
  • Dark Offering: Make an offering to The Bonelord (Dark Offering)
  • Forgotten Lore: Receive all 5 cards from the Trader in P03’s factory (Forgotten Lore)
  • Grim Bounty: Defeat a Level 3 Bounty Hunter card (Grim Bounty)
  • Agonizing Remorse: Don’t empty the Recycling Bin (Agonizing Remorse)

Inscryption All Achievements Guide – Guides

Squirrel Wrangler Achievement guide

Warning: go for these achievements before upgrading your squirrels to bees

Plant some squirrels near an Alpha, or get the Squirrel totem head from the fourth cabinet puzzle to give your Squirrels the fledgling trait

Gruesome Encore Achievement guide

Let the Mycologists combine two of your creatures, make sure you get another copy, and let them combine the previous result with a new creature

Role Reversal Achievement guide

Requirement: Angler defeated

Try to not immediately win, let him use  his hook and steal it back with the hook he gave you

Collective Effort Achievement guide

Grind with the training dummy, buy cards from the trader, check every nook and chest, And you will still have three more cards to find:

  • Bone Lord’s Horn: Check the dark offering achievement guide (below)
  • Mycologist cards: Unlock their hut after defeating Grimora & Leshy and get the x4 experiment cards by talking with them with duplicates of the card they want four times
  • Great Kraken: Click on the two kraken tentacles (dock connected to Leshy’s place & Magnificu’s bathtub)

Devil’s Play Achievement guide

Set up a Necromancer and Bone Heap, set up Ouroboros with a Meatbot to get it out, kill it, and then use Skeletons to set up a loop of: sacrifice Ouroboros and Skeleton to summon Ouroboros, get two Ouroboros cards, summon Skeleton, rinse and repeat

Dark Offering Achievement guide

Act 2: you’ll run into two different cards, two halves of a single coin (you can also buy them from the trader) > Make these two halves connect into one whole > Go to the Bonelord’s crypt and talk to him. You will unlock the dark offering achievement, and also the Bone Lord’s Horn (required for Collective effort achievement)

Forgotten Lore Achievement guide

How to talk to the trader? Enter the 4th world > find the room with a lock & unlock it (just click on it) > Get up from the table > Use the door to your left (now unlocked) to talk to the trader

How to find the x5 pelts? they’ll show up if your cursor is over them

Grim Bounty Achievement guide

1st step: Act 3 – Get the Ouroboros card: open up the bottom of the clock (buy the code in the Wizard’s tower)

2nd step: Get money – get into a fight, and then let the Ouroboros get a direct shot in at the enemy

3rd step: Find a bounty fight ( This step will be the easiest thanks to your Ouroboros)

Agonizing Remorse Achievement guide

Pick a file, then let it die, and after the fight, you have to delete the file from your computer (have a backup!)

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