KoboldKare Recipes (2023)

KoboldKare Recipes

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

KoboldKare Recipes – All the recipes, ingredients and effects, also all the basic fluids and their effects explained

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KoboldKare Recipes – 100%

These are all the recipes, ingredients and their effects:

  • Yogurt recipe = Sem*n + Milk > +1 Max metabolism per generation
  • Growth Serum recipe = Eggplant + Melon + Love > + Height
  • Pineapple Popsicle recipe = Pineapple + Ice > + Ball size & instant or**sm
  • Milkshake recipe = Milk + Ice
  • Banana Split recipe = Milkshake + Banana
  • Eggnog recipe = Scrambled Egg + Milk
  • Cake recipe = Eggnog + Flour > +1 Max energy per generation
  • Dough recipe = Flour + Water
  • Egg Dinner recipe = Scrambled Egg + Dough
  • Pie recipe = Melon + Dough > + Breast size & induces lactation
  • Burger recipe = Dough + Ground Beef > 1 Max grab per generation
  • Liquid Explosion recipe = Banana + Water > Explodes after a few seconds.

KoboldKare Recipes – Basic Fluids

These are all the basic fluids and their effects:

  • Eggplant Juice effect: + Pen*s size
  • Pineapple Juice effect: + Ball size
  • Melon Juice effect: + Breast size
  • Mushroom Juice effect: – Size & saturation
  • Ground Beef / Fish Juice effect: +1 Max grab per generation
  • Flour / Wheat Juice effect:
  • Scrambled Egg / Egg Juice effect:
  • Milk effect:
  • Sem*n effect: Converts into egg
  • Love / Heart Juice effect: Only half as much liquid as fruits
  • Potassium / Banana Juice effect:

About KoboldKare

In the multiplayer farming simulator KoboldKare, you grow naked Kobolds rather than crops. It is an FPS with bhopping, surfing, trimming, and s*x included.

By creating Kobolds, providing services, and selling goods, you can expand your farm. Enhance your farm, purchase p***ographic equipment, and socialize with the locals.

For use on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, KoboldKare is a DRM-free program that has the following features:

  • A movement mechanism inspired by the CS:S and Quake games. Bunnyhop and trimp off of rocks for maximum height, speed-forage the forest with record time.
  • A system of chemistry that enables the feeding of Kobolds using simple chemical mixtures.
    Grow Kobolds with arbitrary stats, components, and ratios!
  • Kobolds, eggs, and fruit can all be sold for money.
  • Play with a s*x system powered by a GPU that features procedural bulging, deformations, and knot forces.
  • Purchase tools, games, and supplies from the City.
  • Functioning multiplayer Manage a farm with your pals or engage in online se** activity with 8–16 other players!

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