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Legacy Piece
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Last Updated on 21 April, 2024

Here’s our guide to the Legacy Piece map, as well as all of the island names and places. We provide the names of the level islands, their tasks, and where you should travel after completing them!

Legacy Piece is a Roblox game that draws influence from One Piece. In the game, you may travel between islands, do tasks, gain Haki and other talents, and find plenty of Devilfruits to eat.

Each island has a recommended level range to allow you to explore without soon succumbing to foes. Use this Legacy Piece map and leveling guide to always know where you’re going next!

Legacy Piece Complete Map and Locations Leveling Guide

Legacy Piece’s initial sea has 11 islands to find. However, since the islands are not in any particular sequence, it might be difficult to select the correct one to visit.

However, the map properly depicts their positions; you only need to determine your facing direction to know where to go.

Legacy Piece
Photo: Legacy Piece Trello

  • Fusha Island
    • Island Level: Starting Island 1-15
    • Boss: Higuma The Bandit Boss
    • Quests: 6 Quest Givers
      • Woop Slap, Makino, Dadan, Sarah, Nesbit, Farmer Kobamuro
    • Side Quests: 3 Quest Givers
      • Lucki, Shanks, Civilian
  • Alvida Island
    • Island Level: 15-25
    • Boss: Alvida The Iron Mace
    • Quests: 5 Quest Givers
      • Mary, Freight Agent, Adbu, Koby, Ship Guard
  • Shells Town
    • Island Level: 25-40
    • Boss: Axe Hand Morgan
    • Quests: 5 Quest Givers
      • Rika’s Mother, Rika, Koby, Wounded Marine, and Zoro Parts 1–4
    • Side Quests: 1 Quest Giver
      • Washed Up Pirate
  • Shimotsuki Island
    • Island Level: 40-50
    • Boss: Yeti
    • Quests: Village Chief Part 1-2, Blacksmith Part 1-4, Archaeologist, and Scientist
  • Haki Island
    • Island Level: 45
      • This is where you may purchase and learn Haki from the Haki Trainer NPC.
  • Orange Town
    • Island Level: 50-65
    • Boss: Buggy The Clown
    • Quests: 5 Quest Givers
      • Mocker, Doctor, Boro, Noodle, Chuchu, Ponle
  • Baratie
    • Island Level: 65-80
    • Boss: Don Krieg
    • Quests: 3 Quest Givers
      • Barne, Laffy, Zeff
  • Mink Island
    • Island Level: 80-95
    • Boss: Wolfram
    • Quests: 5 Quest Givers
      • Goat Doctor, Keithmah, Bariat, Mustaton, Yama
  • Arlong Park
    • Island Level: 95-99
    • Boss: Saw Shark Arlong
    • Quests: 5 Quest Givers
      • Tako, Chow, Genzo, Dr Noke, Jalio, Najike
  • 1SS Island
    • Island Level: ???

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