Mir4 Farming Draco Guide – Earning Money

Mir4 Farming Draco Guide

Last Updated on 7 November, 2021

Mir4 Farming Draco Guide – Earning Money – How to get DRACO and how to monetize your draco earnings with WEMIX tokens

Mir4 Farming Draco Guide – Earning Money

The process is simple. You have to mine the currency of the game, darksteel, and when you have enough you can exchange it for Draco

Currently you can exchange 100k Darksteel for 1 Draco, but you will need more darksteel as more darksteel is mined in the game

DRACO can then be exchanged into WEMIX Tokens via the Bithumb exchange. More on this below.

The total number of DRACO coins that can be smelted is also limited based on the total issuance capacity, to retain its real value and provide economic use in other future games beyond MIR4

Mir4 Farming Draco Guide – Steps to earn your first Draco

These are all the steps to earn your first Draco:

1- Install Mir4: find the download links here > https://mir4global.com/

2- Reach level 40: Level required to enjoy the play-to-earn benefits of the game

3- Darksteel Farming: Get enough Darksteel for 1 Draco, chek the Darksteel Mining guide to speed up the process

4- Find the NPC named Metal Craftman in-game, or click on Menu > Market > DRACO

5- Login to your WEMIX Wallet

6- Smelt Darksteel into DRACO

7- Check your in-game email, you should receive a notification of your DRACO smelting success

You can also convert DRACO into Darksteel via the Smelting menu at the same rate

Also check the How to earn money guide

Mir4 Farming Draco Guide – How to Trade DRACO?

If you have already converted Draksteel into DRACO, what do you do with your draco if what you want is to earn money?

  1. Go to WEMIX wallet > WEMIX DEX
  2. Sell your DRACo to get WEMIX Credit
  3. Exchange WEMIX Credit with WEMIX Token
  4. Transfer your WEMIX tokens to Bithumb or BiKi, there you can Trade WEMIX to other cryptocurrency

How Much you can Earn in Mir4?

The truth is that currently the earnings are not that they are anything of the other world. Currently 100,000 darksteel are needed for 1 draco, and you will see that it is a process that can take you a week, and a Draco is approximately 2 dollars according to the current price.

But that’s how any of these games will be, if you want to win money you must be there from the beginning, when the currency is worth very little

If mir4 is a success and the Dracos start to sell out, it will cost a lot more Darksteel to get one, and that can easily take the Draco’s price from $ 2 to $ 2,000.

But if mir4 is a failure you will have wasted an awful lot of time for nothing.

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