Mir4 How to Earn Money?

Mir4 How to Earn Money

Last Updated on 7 November, 2021

Mir4 How to Earn Money? All the secrets, tips and guides you need to earn real money in this play-to-earn without investing real money

Mir4 How to Earn Money – Play to Earn

Yes, you can earn real money by playing the game, Mir4 is 100% Play to Earn, but reach level 40 for Play to Earn benefits

Like many other games it has its own currency, Darksteel, the difference is that you can convert that currency into Tokens, Draco, and later you can convert those Dracos into other cryptocurrencies, or into real money. In addition, drakes are listed and all crypto games aspire for their tokens to revalue as the game gains popularity.

So this guide is divided into two main sections, how to get Darksteel (the currency of the game) and how to transform Darksteel into Draco, to later be able to convert it into real money

Mir4 How to Earn Money – Darksteel Farming

There may be more methods to farm draco later, but we will summarize the current ones. For a more detailed guide, go to the Darksteel Mining Guide:

1- Quests: Complete the repeteable quests with Darksteel’s rewards, for auto farming > enable the Automatic feature

2- Bicheon Valley: (requires level 20) Go to map > Bicheon Area > Bicheon Valley > any floor > Darksteel mining site. Tips: Increase Max storage (requires copper) and Switch channel if spots are too crowded to the best piles:

  • Common Mine – Gray & White: 25 to 30 Dark Steel
  • Uncommon – Green: 35 to 40 Dark Steel
  • Rare – Blue: 45 to 60 Dark Steel
  • Epic – Red: 100 to 150 Dark Steel
  • Legendary – Yellow: 150 to 200 Dark Steel

3- Magic Square: (requires a mission at level 24) Go to portal > Magic Square > Darksteel chamber

4- Daily Tasks: Complete the Daily Tasks with Darksteel’s rewards

5- Achievements: Complete the Achievements with Darksteel’s rewards

Mir4 How to Earn Money – Trading Draco

For a more detailed guide, go to the Draco to Money Guide:

Darksteel to Draco

If you already have enough Darksteel and want to change it for a Draco these are the steps:

  • Find the NPC named Metal Craftman in-game or Click on Menu > Market > DRACO
  • Login to your WEMIX Wallet
  • Smelt Darksteel into DRACO

Draco to Cripto or Real Money

  1. Go to WEMIX wallet > WEMIX DEX
  2. Sell your DRACO to get WEMIX Credit
  3. Exchange WEMIX Credit with WEMIX Token
  4. Transfer your WEMIX tokens to Bithumb or BiKi, there you can Trade WEMIX to other cryptocurrency

Mir4 How to Earn Money – How much you can earn?

Check this site https://mir4draco.com/, they update the Draco / Darksteel (Derby) price and the USD / Draco price daily

If you mine the best deposit of Darksteel for 24 hours you will be able to earn around 500k to 600k of Darksteel per day. Currently you need 100k Darksteel for 1 Draco, wich means 150 to 180 Draco per month.

You can add a couple of twink accounts and increase this number to 500 Draco per month

But as you can see in the link (mir4draco), at the time of writing this guide, you need more than 2,500 draco to get a dollar. And to get 2,500 draco you would need to farm darksteel for 5 months with three accounts at the same time.

So if you want to make money, it is much more profitable to directly invest $ 10 in draco. With $ 10 you could buy 25,000 draco, something that would take you more than 4 years to farm in the game.

Could the drake be worth thousands of dollars in a few years? Of course, but still, we believe that investing $ 10 is infinitely more profitable than investing 4 years of your life

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