Mon Bazou Best Mods (2023)

Mon Bazou Best mods

Last Updated on 18 August, 2023

Mon Bazou Best mods – Mod Menu, Cheat Menu, Backpack, Save Games, Weapons, Phone Save, Save while sleeping and more

Mon Bazou Best mods – Bright Life Mod Menu

Mod menu containing options for teleporting, spawning, friend management, build/unlocks, time management, world management and store management. Along with a grip multiplier for Koni

Download the Bright Life Mod Menu > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Viefacile Mod

First Mod Menu ever created for the game, features

  • Teleporting (Vehicles to player, Player to Important places)
  • Spawning in Stuff ( Gas Can, Seeds for any plants, …)
  • Changing Time ( Change which day it is, skip forward in time,…)
  • Change Friendship levels
  • Auto Build Player Garage and any other buildings + Buggy and Race Car

Download the Viefacile Mod > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Motionless Cheat Menu

Simple Cheat menu, Features like Build Garage, Free Gas, Add Cash, Unlock Air Compressor, And More, Press z to open (Uses BepInEx)

Download the Motionless Cheat Menu > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Latest Save File Mod

  • Fully Upgraded Konig
  • Le Missle (Junkyard car)
  • RaceCar (Track)
  • Upgraded Garage with Electricity and Air Pump
  • Extra parts for Konig (Turbo, Intercooler, Seats, Full Performance Parts)
  • Extra Parts for Konig (Normal Parts)
  • 7x 100% Nitrus Bottles
  • Konig Nitrus Bottle 70%
  • 500,000$
  • Fully Upgraded Sugar Shack (2 Syrup Tanks, All electric)
  • Power Grid Connection
  • Weed Farm
  • 130 Trees Connected to Vaccum Pump
  • Stocked Fridge (Poutine, Maple Syrup, Coffee)
  • Appartment Garage fully detailed
  • Ten 1st Place Derby Demolition Trophy
  • All street races completed

Download the Latest Save File Mod > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Backpack Mod

You can currently only hold 10 items in your backpack, there is a config file in your game root / bepinex / config where you can change the amount of items and the keybinds for the backpack.

Download the Backpack Mod > Here

Save Game Street and Rally Konig Build Mod

  • 1st Mod Is Street Racing Koning 2nd Is Rally Koning Build!
  • Fully Upgraded Konig (Turbo, Suspension, Transmission, Updated ecu, differential and more!)
  • No rusty bolts and no random colored bolts only black and grey!
  • Le Missle (Derby Car)
  • RaceCar (Track monster)
  • Built buggy
  • Dolly
  • All cool tires in the garage!
  • Garage
  • 20000000+ money
  • Fully Upgraded Sugar Shack
  • Power Grid Connection
  • Maxed friendships
  • Extra parts and engines
  • Boat

Download the Save Game Street and Rally Konig Build Mod > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Save While Sleeping Mod

Save the game by going to sleep in the bed

Download the Save While Sleeping Mod > Here

Save Game by szucs Maxi Mod

  • builded garage
  • builded racetrack
  • lots of cannabis
  • builded buggy
  • builded sugarshack
  • connected grid power
  • all cars unlocked
  • tunned konig
  • 89 maple trees connected vaccum pump (sugarshack)
  • win 5 night race completed
  • And much more

Download the Save Game by szucs Maxi Mod > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Weapons Mod

Press F8 to open the menu for spawning the weapons. Please note that they won’t get saved to your save file. You need BepInEx to use this Mod. Weapons available:

  • AK-47 (Fully automatic)
  • Revolver
  • Rocket Launcher (although it’s still buggy)
  • and a Cube for testing purposes lol.

Download the Weapons Mod > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Phonesave Mod

Pick up the phone to save your game! No time skip.

Download the Phonesave Mod > Here

Mon Bazou Best mods – Cottage Life Mod

In this savegame you live in a cottage, as you can see from the title. It took me pretty long to make, but it was worth it since i think people are gonna enjoy this, i dont really know what to write here so i just wanna write a reminder if you dont know yet: it needs cheat menu to save the game

Download the Cottage Life Mod > Here

My Save Game Mod

A Save Game

Download the My Save Game Mod > Here

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