Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units – Tier List

mount and blade bannerlord best cavalry

Last Updated on 6 December, 2022

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units – In this article we want to share with you the best infantry and cavalry units in Mount And Blade 2. Ranked From Tier S to Tier F

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If you already know what the best faction is in Bannerlord, there is only one riding unit worth an S Tier. These are the best cavalry items in Bannerlord, from best to worst.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units – Tier S

There is nothing on horseback that rivals the mighty Khuzait Khan’s Guard. Since they will defeat all of these troops in battle, none of them deserve an S rating.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units – Tier A

Sturgian Druzhinnik Champion

Although generally disappointing, when it comes to cavalry, Sturgia has the most effective, if not one of the best units in Bannerlord. We needed the Vikings and we got this…

Druzhinnik prides itself on having the second best A-tier armor, only slightly weaker than the Cataphract. However, they have an incredible javelin that can be covered.

Because of this, Druzhinnik is one of the best in terms of efficient and devastating cost to infantry and skirmishers, thanks to its large and efficient defensive capabilities.

Or, her disadvantage is her horse. It is the weakest of the three A-Tier contenders. Druzhinnik champions don’t just die. However, your horse usually does.

Imperial Elite Cataphract

The Empire has a prominent place in every tier list, as its troops are by far the most balanced in Calradia.

The Cataphract could be described as nothing more than a tank. It has the best armor rating and the horse with the most HP and armor. You can’t charge an elite Cataphract just like that.

While this monster seems excellent for a cavalry cost, there are some disadvantages including bonuses. The Cataphract has a sturdy but slow horse.

The spear they wield also cannot be mated, making their costs possibly not as deadly as those of the Druzhinnik Champions. However, their spear can be very effective and can inflict great damage nonetheless.

Vlandian Banner Knight

Given that the Vlanders are the ancestors of the Swadians of Mount and Blade, it is to be expected that their knight is no less than spectacular.

The Vlander Banner Knight has, in all likelihood, some of the worst armor a level 6 cavalry can have in Bannerlord. However, his offensive power is no joke.

His polearm talent and spear can kill most enemies with a single shot. In addition, his weapon is attachable, which makes his expenditures a spectacle.

Vladian Banner Knights also use pretty good shields and have a greatsword that can be used in sieges or once they fall off their horse.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units – Tier B

Aserai Vanguard Faris

The Aserai Vanguad Faris are nothing like the Mamelukes from Mount and Blade: Warband. However, they will do some magnificent things that now make more sense.

They have fast but flimsy horses that can run circles around most armies and possess essentially the most effective Bannerlord javelins.

Aserai Vanguards have some of the smallest shields a Tier 6 can have, but make up for it with a very effective spear that can be attached.

The Faris of the Aserai Vanguard could simply enter Tier A if they were a bit more robust, since, for the moment, they will be quickly damaged in a battle against the other three types of units.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units – Tier C

Khuzait Heavy Lancer

If the identify doesn’t make it clear, the Khuzait Heavy Lancer is slow and durable. His horse hits almost backwards, but will possibly sustain a lot of damage before it happens.

His attachable spear can inflict magnificent amounts of damage and is more than likely to kill an enemy in one hit as a rule.

A slight disadvantage of Heavy Lancers is that their leg armor is a bit lacking, and if someone needs to take one down, they might do so by concentrating particularly on the legs.

On the other hand, they have pretty good shields and will be able to survive in case they get caught between too many infantry troops.

Vlandian Vanguard

The Vlandian Vanguard is remarkably related and completely different at the same time from the Khuzait Heavy Lancer.

The tools and offensive capabilities are extraordinarily related. Nevertheless, the Vanguard wears really low physique armor and has a horse that runs quick however falls simply.

If you’ve performed different technique video games earlier than, then you need to know that the Vlandian Vanguard needs to be thought-about as gentle cavalry. Don’t ship them in opposition to tightly armored enemies, or you’ll be sorry.

Vlandian Vanguards are good, but they should be forgotten whenever there is a much better alternative, such as the Banner Knight

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units- Tier D

Sturgian Horse Raider

You wouldn’t suppose that Sturgian Horse Raiders could be good since they’re within the second lowest level, however they’re actually respectable in comparison.

Let’s begin with the unhealthy, to be able to get it out of the way in which. His spear is unhealthy. It’s weak and can’t attach, which is horrible for many cavalry elements.

His horse is certainly sluggish, however he has a big chunk of HP, which provides him a fighting probability. On the large facet, he has an enormous defense and really good armor.

He additionally has some good javelins which can help when regrouping or fighting other damaging cavalry troops.

Battanian Horseman

These guys are a bit of a failure. They have the longest spear among all the cavalry elements in this list, but the damage is weak and not attachable.

Their overall armor is nice, however, their head and leg armor seem to be lacking a bit. Since these factors are hit each generally if a mounted rider is encountered, the Battanian Rider will get a D rating.

Like the Sturgian Rider, his horse is stocky, with a great deal of HP, however slower than most.

The last drawback that can be blamed on the Rider is its small defense. It is not as small as that of the Aserai Faris, but it is smaller than necessary for a front line cavalry unit.

Battanian Mounted Skirmisher

Why these guys have been thought to be cavalry is something that surprises us. They have no spear, which implies that these guys never charge.

Their armor is certainly unhealthy. Since they also have small shields, they will simply be hit by enemy archers with a number of well-positioned squares.

What’s worse, their horses are slow. Skirmishers should always have fast horses to keep away from enemies, but it is speculated that these elements are kind of heavy skirmishers, so their horses have excess HP.

They do, however, have good javelins. However, compared to the benefits you would get from all the opposing troops in this list, these guys are nowhere near them.

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units – Tier F

Mercenary Cavalry

If you looked at our list of infantry levels, then you definitely know that mercenary troops in Bannerlord are really unhealthy.

Mercenary cavalry have the worst armor of all these troops. Their horses are slow, have low HP and almost non-existent armor.

Their lance is unhealthy, and cannot be attached. The only advantage for them is that their defense is above average, which should not be taken as a compliment.

A recommendation for new Bannerlord players? Don’t get mercenaries. Never.

About Mount and Blade Bannerlord Best Cavalry Units

Your cavalry gear can change the cycle of combat in seconds and is arguably a major force on the battlefield in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

With a quick cost, you can instantly disrupt enemy trails, giving your line or assault infantry a chance to end the fight.

There are many Tier 6 cavalry items in the game. Therefore, it needs to be easy to create a tier checklist with all of them and see collectively. And because of this, it’s imperative that players can see how best to ranking all of the available cavalry items.

The TaleWorlds builders won’t include horse riders as cavalry. This will cause some of the best horse riders in the Mount and Blade 2 series to missing.

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