Risk of Rain 2 Tier List – Top Characters in October 2023

risk of rain 2 tier list

Last Updated on 30 September, 2023

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List – The Risk of Rain 2 tier list is good for both beginners and old-school players to quickly gauge the potential and effectiveness of each RoR2 character.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List – Characters Ranked

Tier Risk of Rain 2 Character
S Void Fiend, Captain, Loader
A MUL-T, Railgunner, Bandit, Engineer, Huntress
B REX, Acrid, Heretic
C Artificer, Mercenary
D Commando

About Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person action shooter game that was released on PC on March 28, 2019. The game was developed by Hopoo Games, who were also responsible for the first installment of this series.

The gameplay of Risk of Rain 2 is very similar to that of its predecessor. The player starts by choosing one of the 11 characters also known as Survivors.

Each character has its own abilities, so players will have to experiment with each of them before finding the one that suits them best.

After choosing their character, players have to choose the difficulty level. In Risk of Rain 2, there are three initial difficulty levels: Drizzle, Rainstorm and Monsoon.

The hardest game mode, Monsoon, is aimed at hardcore and veteran players, as the number of enemies will increase and they will also be much harder to defeat.

Also, the player’s health regeneration starts at 0.6, which is not ideal when you are going to be besieged by waves of enemies.There is also the Eclipse mode, which is an alternative to the other 3 difficulties, with Eclipse you can stack challenge modifiers to create a mode even harder than Monsoon.

To stand a chance at those levels, you’ll certainly need to use one of the best characters we’ve ranked in our Risk of Rain 2 tier list.

How did we compile our tier list?

We have created our own list of Risk of Rain 2 levels for you to enjoy. Wondering which are the best characters in Risk of Rain 2? Well, that’s a tricky question, as they are all really very good. But we’ll do our best to try and rank all of the ROR2 characters below.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier S (Best Characters) – These are the strongest characters in Risk of Rain 2. They are extremely powerful and can survive most situations with ease. They are also very difficult to kill and can cause a lot of damage.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier A (Strong Characters) – The Tier A characters in our Risk of Rain 2 tier list are also quite good. They follow in the footsteps of the S-level ones, can be good and survive many situations as well, and can finish races with ease. However, they lack the extra strength and are not as powerful.

Tier B Rain Risk 2 (Decent Characters) – These characters are not as versatile or powerful as higher level characters, but still worth using. They have at least one major weakness that prevents them from reaching the higher levels. Still, they can help you finish your races relatively quickly.

Tier C Risk of Rain 2 (Medium Characters) – These are medium to good level characters that are not necessarily bad choices, but also don’t excel in any one area enough to make them a decent choice. They can take out the first few waves of the Drill with ease, but may have trouble when more enemies show up.

Tier D Risk of Rain 2 (Weak characters) – At the moment we believe that these Risk of Rain 2 characters are not that good and you should probably avoid playing with them, especially if you are trying to eliminate as many waves as possible.

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