Naraka Bladepoint Characters Presets – character Imports

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Presets

Last Updated on 28 November, 2023

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Presets – All the characters Presets and code to import, also we show you more than 70 characters presets. naraka characters imports.

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Download Link

In the following link you will find several folders with the Characters Presets. naraka characters imports.

Google Drive link:–FM-69KK6JjFCJ9OepP2nqyI4rM18in?usp=sharing

Note: The presets are character specific, you can’t use them on different characters. Reference characters (Aquaman, Ultraman, Zoro…) can be found in the “reference character folder“.


Naraka Bladepoint Characters Presets – How to Import a Preset

You can see in several screenshots how to import character presets, easy and simple. All you have to do is follow the 3 steps that we show you below. naraka characters imports.

1. Click on the Heroes on top of screen, then select customization, in the menu below


2. Select a slot and click on edit (Left menu, at the bottom)


3. Select import (Right menu, at the bottom) and click on the preset of your choice from your local files.


Naraka Bladepoint Characters Presets – Preview of Characters Presets

Here we leave you some Presents, they are just some examples so you can see what can be achieved, but there are 700+ more in the Google Drive.




Zoro, could be similar to “The Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro”


Aquaman, could be similar to Aquaman from Marvel (the Oceans King).


Viego, coulbe be similar to League of Legends, The Ruined King, one of the most iconic figures in League history.


Thanos, could be similar to Thanos from Marvel, the main enemy of all Avangers.


Pico, could be similar to Piccolo from Dragon Ball

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Presets – Full List

The best guide to be able to enjoy Naraka Bladepoint character presets (naraka characters imports). Here, you can find all the presets of all the characters, in addition to a list with all the available characters.

70 Naraka Bladepoint Character Presets including: Ryze, Ironman, Shrek, Saitama, Zoro, Thanos, Veigo Aquaman, and more (check Naraka Bladepoint Character List). naraka characters imports.

  • Angry Titan > Direct Link
  • Aquaman > Direct Link
  • Black Mask > Direct Link
  • Dark Elves > Direct Link
  • Detective Conan > Direct Link
  • Edward Newgate > Direct Link
  • Elizabeth > Direct Link
  • Evil Monk > Direct Link
  • Fire Eye Wukong > Direct Link
  • Golden Ponyo > Direct Link
  • Illidan Stormrage > Direct Link
  • Ironman > Direct Link
  • Kurumi > Direct Link
  • Logger Vick > Direct Link
  • Lord Voldemort > Direct Link
  • Matari Dark Elf > Direct Link
  • Naruto > Direct Link
  • One Piece Zoro > Direct Link
  • ¡Qian Ren Xue > Direct Link
  • Roselle > Direct Link
  • Ryze > Direct Link
  • Saitama > Direct Link
  • Sawanishi Kurumi > Direct Link
  • Squidward > Direct Link
  • Temulch > Direct Link
  • Thanos > Direct Link
  • The Hulk > Direct Link
  • Trap of Temulch > Direct Link
  • Ultraman > Direct Link

You will be able to enjoy Naraka Bladepoint character presets without having to create them yourself, simply by importing them. The easiest way to do it, we advise you to look at all the characters that are in the “reference character folder” and then decide which one to try. naraka characters imports.

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