Necesse Bosses Guide

Necesse Bosses

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

Necesse Bosses Guide – Evil’s Protector, Queen Spider, Void Wizard, Swamp Guardian, Ancient Vulture, Pirate Captain, Reaper, Cryo Queen, Pest Warden, Sage and Grit, Fallen Wizard

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First Boss – Evil’s Protector

Evil’s Protector is the first boss that can only be summoned during the night with a Mysterious Portal. It must be defeated before morning or it will leave and the encounter will fail.


  • Demonic Bar (12) 100% 
  • Force of Wind 100%
  • Melee Foci 25% 
  • Magic Foci 25% 
  • Range Foci 25% 
  • Summon Foci 25%
  • Demon Heart 100% (First Kill Exclsuive)

Necesse Bosses Guide – Queen Spider

The Queen Spider is the second boss that can be summoned by destroying an egg in a spider nest within the snow caves, or by using a Royal Egg in snow caves..


  • Cave Spider Gland (10-20) 100%
  • Spider Claw 25%
  • Spider Charm 25%
  • Webbed Gun 25%
  • Frost Piercer 25%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Void Wizard

The Void Wizard is the third boss and will be at the bottom of the Dungeon. Attacking the Void Wizard will initiate the fight. A Void Caller can be used to summon the Void Wizard.


  • Void Shard (25) 100%
  • Recall Scroll (12-20) 50%
  • Travel Scroll (5-10) 50%
  • Void Staff 33%
  • Void Missile 33%
  • Magic Stilts 33% (First Kill Exclsuive)
  • Empty Pendant 100%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Swamp Guardian

The Swamp Guardian is Necesse’s fourth boss. It can be summoned in the swamp caves using a Spiked Fossil.


  • Razor Blade 33%
  • Guardian Shell 33%
  • Dredging Staff 33%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Ancient Vulture

Ancient Vulture is the fifth boss and can be summoned in the desert with an Ancient Statue. It spawns eggs which hatch into smaller vultures as well.


  • Vulture Mask 10%
  • Vultures Talon 33%
  • Vultures Burst 33%
  • Vulture Staff 33%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain is the sixth boss and cannot be summoned. He is found in the center of pirate village islands.


  • Deep Ladder Down 100%
  • Coins (300-500) 100%
  • Hand Cannon 33%
  • Pirate Telescope 33%
  • Spare Boat Parts 33%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Reaper

Reaper is the seventh boss that can be summoned using a Shadow Gate.


  • Death Ripper 25%
  • Reaper Scythe 25%
  • Reapers Call 25%
  • Shadow Beam 25%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Cryo Queen

Cryo Queen is the eighth boss that can be summoned with an Ice Crown.


  • Cryo Blaster 25%
  • Cryo Glaive 25%
  • Cryo Quake 25%
  • Cryo Spear 25%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Pest Warden

The Pest Warden is the ninth boss. It can be summoned in the Deep Swamp Caves using a Decaying Leaf.


  • Venom Slasher 25%
  • Venom Shower 25%
  • Living Shotty 25%
  • Swamps Grasp 25%

Necesse Bosses Guide – Sage and Grit

Sage and Grit is the tenth boss and can be summoned with Dragon Souls at a pedestal found in Deep Desert Caves.


  • Bow of Dualism 25%
  • Dragon Lance 25%
  • Dragons Rebound 25%
  • Skeleton Staff 25%

Final Boss – Fallen Wizard

Fallen Wizard is currently the last boss in the game. He is found on the second and final floor of the deep desert temple which is unlocked after defeating Sage and Grit


  • Wizard Socket 100%

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