Necesse Tungsten Guide – Farming & Crafting (2023)

Necesse Tungsten

Last Updated on 9 October, 2023

Necesse Tungsten Guide – Farming & Crafting – How to get Tungsten Ore, How to craft Tungsten Bar and recipes that require Tungsten

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Necesse Tungsten Guide – Farming

Tungsten Ore is a crafting material mainly used to make Tungsten Bar. It can be found in all Deep Caves, looking like a rock with darker blue cuts. Each rock drops 2-3 ores when mined

Necesse Tungsten Guide – How to get a Tungsten Bar?

This is the recipe for making tungsten bar

  • Forge (Crafting Station) > x4 Tungsten Ore = x1 Tungsten Bar

To craft a Forge:

  • Workstation (Crafting Station) > x20 Any Stone = x1 Forge

To craft a Workstation:

  • Inventory (Crafting Station) > x10 Any Log = x1 Workstation

Necesse Tungsten Guide – Crafting & Recipes

Demonic Workstation

These are all the crafting recipes that are done in the Demonic Workstation and require Tungsten Bar

  • Advanced Workstation = x8 Tungsten Bar+x4 Quartz

Advanced WorkStation

These are all the crafting recipes that are done in the Advanced Workstation and require Tungsten Bar

  • Bone Hilt = x40 Bone + x4 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Axe  = x20 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Boomerang = x10 Obsidian + x5 Tungsten Bar
  • Shadow Gate = x8 Bone + x5 Ectoplasm+ x2 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Boots = x8 Obsidian + x8 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Bow = x12 Tungsten Bar
  • Life Pendant  = x10 Life Quartz + x4 Tungsten Bar + x1 Regen Pendant
  • Tungsten Chestplate = x16 Obsidian + x16 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Helmet = x12 Obsidian + x12 Tungsten Bar
  • Deep Ladder Down  = x8 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Pickaxe = x10 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Shovel = x10 Tungsten Bar
  • Cooking Station = x12 Obsidian + x8 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Spear = x18 Tungsten Bar
  • Tungsten Sword = x12 Tungsten Bar

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