Necromerger Nectarmerger Event – Idle Merge Game

Necromerger Nectarmerger Event Idle Merge Game

Last Updated on 12 October, 2022

Necromerger Nectarmerger Event – Idle Merge Game – All info that you need to know about Nectarmerger Event in Necromerger, a nice guide

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Necromerger Nectarmerger Event – Contents

The first and sole event is nectarmerger. In order to make honey, players will hatch bees from their hives and arrange them next to flowers. Then, honey becomes points, unlocking a number of goodies, like the premium Slime Cap artifacts and the Beekeeper skin. It’s important to remember that the event is completely independent from the basic game, and that base game enhancements have no bearing on it.


The Bees are the Monsters’ opposite in this event. They can cause harm, produce honey when near a flower, and greater levels can merge to form a stack of honeycomb.

  • Level 1 > Honey: 10 > Damage: 10
  • Level 2 > Honey: 20 > Damage: 20
  • Level 3 > Honey: 30 > Damage: 50
  • Level 4 > Honey: 40 > Damage: 125
  • Level 5 > Honey: 50 > Damage: 300 > Honeycomb: Level 1
  • Level 6 > Honey: 60 > Damage: 700 > Honeycomb: Level 2
  • Level 7 > Honey: 70 > Damage: 1500 > Honeycomb: Level 3


Flowers change and stimulate the production of honey by nearby bees. The Flowers Boost Ability allows for a flat boost to certain modifiers. A level 1 flower can be created for 20 Honeycomb once the Build Menu has been unlocked for 25k Honey.

The Golden Lily is an IAP Flower that has special mechanics. The Golden Lily never has its own modifier; instead, it is always 100% higher than the modifier of your greatest normal flower. This means that regardless of your Flowers Boost, the Lily will have a modifier of 100% if you don’t have any other flowers.

  • Level 1 > 100%
  • Level 2 > 120%
  • Level 3 > 140%
  • Level 4 > 160%
  • Level 5 > 200%
  • Level 6 > 240%
  • Level 7 > 300%


Players can generate bees by building hives. Every four minutes, a hive will produce a spawn, which it will then store until the player utilizes them up to its maximum capacity (which grows with level and by a certain percentage with the Hives Store More upgrade). Three unique objects can emerge from hives: Larvae, pupae, and eggs These three serve as the three ancestors of bees, with two eggs developing into larvae, two larvae into pupae, and two pupae eventually developing into level one bees. After being unlocked for 5k Honey, new Hives can be constructed in the Build menu for 40 Honeycomb.

A fresh hive must begin at full capacity. Hold off on creating new hives, especially high level ones, if you’re close to a capacity upgrade because this is true for both when being formed and merging to a higher level.

  • Level 1 > Capacity: 10 > Egg Spawn Rate: 1 > Bees/spawn on average: .125 (10/80)
  • Level 2 > Capacity: 20 > Egg Spawn Rate: 0,5 > Larvae Spawn Rate: 0,5 > Bees/spawn on average: .1875 (15/80)
  • Level 3 > Capacity: 40 > Egg Spawn Rate: 0,3 > Larvae Spawn Rate: 0,4 > Pupa Spawn Rate: 0,3 > Bees/spawn on average: .2875 (23/80)
  • Level 4 > Capacity: 60 > Larvae Spawn Rate: 0,5 > Pupa Spawn Rate: 0,5 > Bees/spawn on average: .375 (30/80)
  • Level 5 > Capacity: 80 > Pupa Spawn Rate: 1 > Bees/spawn on average: .5 (40/80)

To Merge or Not to Merge

Merging: By releasing space and extending the amount of time you can spend offline, merging offers rather apparent advantages. Additionally, your freshly constructed hive will provide you with extra bees sooner than if you had waited to spawn them with the two smaller hives. However, as the initial boost from the extra bees wears off (usually a few hours later), you’ll be operating at a reduced production, which means that over time, aside from honey, you’ll suffer in all bee-related areas.

Not Merging: Avoiding merging will increase the player’s bee production, which will enhance their ability to deal damage and produce honeycomb. However, doing so requires more room, which—when added to the additional room required to store the eggs or larvae that only low level hives spawn—could potentially lead to the player running out of room and preventing further bee mergers. Additionally, low level hives cannot leave the game for very long because most players sleep, which greatly limits nocturnal output even with the capacity upgrade fully leveled.


Players manually spawn bears via the build menu; bears must first be unlocked by Honey and spawned by Honeycomb. Large amounts of honey are awarded when they are defeated, and they have a lot of health. This is a late-game honey source that should be used when fully leveled bees are surrounding your blooms.

  • Honey Bear > Unlock Cost: 100k Honey > Spawn Cost: 10HC > Health: 1500 > Reward: 250k Honey > Honey/HC: 25k
  • Brown Bear > Unlock Cost: 1mil Honey > Spawn Cost: 50HC > Health: 4000 > Reward: 2mil Honey > Honey/HC: 40k
  • Black Bear > Unlock Cost: 5mil Honey > Spawn Cost: 150HC > Health: 12000 > Reward: 10mil Honey > Honey/HC: 66.67k


Players can buy 4 upgrades with Honey. These upgrades function similarly to spells in the original game in that they have numerous levels and gain power steadily with each level.

Honey Gives More Score

10% (1 point) more points are scored for each unit of honey produced.

Honey cost per level

  • Level 1 > 50k
  • Level 2 > 100k
  • Level 3 > 1mil
  • Level 4 > 10mil
  • Level 5 > 20mil

Bees Do More Damage

Boost the damage Bees deal 25% at levels 1 and 2, and 50% at level 3.

Honey cost per level

  • Level 1 (+25%) > 1mil
  • Level 2 (+50%) > 5mil
  • Level 3 (+100%) > 7.5mil

Hives Store More

Every hive’s capacity for spawning is increased by 20% per level.

Honey cost per level

  • Level 1 > 75k
  • Level 2 > 250k
  • Level 3 > 750k
  • Level 4 > 1.5mil
  • Level 5 > 3mil

Flowers Boost

increases by a certain percentage all regular flower modifications.

20% for the following levels, with 10% for the first two.

Honey cost per level

Level 1 -10% > 25k
Level 2 -20% > 150k
Level 3 -40% > 500k
Level 4 -60% > 1mil
Level 5 -80% > 2.5mil
Level 6 -100% > 5mil


The player will find six trades in the event shop that are refreshed at the start of each day of the event: three cost Honey, two cost Gems, and one is obtained by watching an advertisement. As the days pass, the deals will become steadily more expensive.

Day 1

  • Level 1 Hive (50k Honey)
  • Level 1 Flower (250k Honey)
  • Level 2 Hive (1mil Honey)
  • Level 1 Hive (Ad)
  • Level 4 Honeycomb (25 Gems)
  • Level 3 Hive (50 Gems)

Day 2

  • Level 2 Flower (2.5mil Honey)
  • Brown Bear (5mil Honey)
  • Level 3 Hive (10mil Honey)
  • Level 2 Hive (Ad)
  • Level 3 Flower (75 Gems)
  • Level 4 Hive (100 Gems)

Day 3

  • Level 4 Flower (10mil Honey)
  • Brown Bear (12.5mil honey)
  • Black Bear (15mil Honey)
  • Level 3 Hive (Ad)
  • Level 5 Flower (125 Gems)
  • Black Bear (150 Gems)

Necromerger Nectarmerger Event About Necromerger

Welcome to Necromerger!

In this idle merge game mashup, you must feed the Devourer since it never stops being ravenous. Use dark magic as the NecroMerger to call out a variety of creatures, including skeletons, zombies, demons, banshees, and more. Feed them to your always-hungry pet after they have been transformed from puny little grunts into enormous (and delectable) brutes.

As your Devourer expands, merchants, champions, and even competitors will become interested in you. Others must be fought—or fed to your pet’s ravenous appetite—but some can be useful. Your lair will increase as the Devourer becomes bigger, and you’ll have access to increasingly potent spells and abilities.

To access new stations and equipment, complete missions… cemeteries, shrines, refrigerators, and even a pail to catch extra slime. You can summon new, stronger (and even tastier), animals with the help of new stations. To maximize your ability to generate resources, control your lair and your servants.

NecroMerger is a brand-new genre of game that mixes resource management with merge and idle features to produce something really original.

Grow Monsters

  • 70+ creatures to spawn and merge.
  • Creatures have unique abilities to manage (resource generation, damage, deliciousness)
  • Legendary Creatures with massive benefits.

Expand your Lair

  • Expand your lair. Unlock new equipment including; graves, supply cupboards, lecterns.
  • Attract Champions, merchants and thieves to your lair.
  • Complete tasks, master spells, brew potions.

Idle Merge Mashup

  • A unique system of resource management.
  • Resources generate even when you’re offline.
  • Months of fun!

Necromerger Nectarmerger Event – Necromerger The Archdemon Monster Small Guide

  • Apple: download the game in the link
  • Google Play: download the game in the link

From the makers of Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind, NecroMerger has all the humour and inane chatter you’d expect of a Grumpy Rhino Game.


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