Necromerger Time Machine – Idle Merge Game

Necromerger Time Machine Idle Merge Game

Last Updated on 12 October, 2022

Necromerger Time Machine – Idle Merge Game – All info that you need to know about Time Machine in Necromerger, a nice guide

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Necromerger Time Machine – Spoiler

Please be aware that the following material likely contains spoilers for the majority of the current endgame content.

Necromerger Time Machine – Material

The key component of the prestige mechanic needed to get the prestige currency, time shards, is the time machine. Additionally, each time you use the Time Machine, The Devourers Max level is raised by 10.

  • At level 35, the Time Machine can be accessed.

The Keeper is the first NPC to appear in the Central Chamber. After him, the chamber can be opened to let in the Inventor, the Archaeologist, the Dietician, and then the Surgeon.

Additional game material, such as the following, can be accessed with the Time Machine and the new Alien Shops:

3 new Tier 2 Currencies

  • Astro Coins
  • Energy Cubes
  • Time Shards

3 New Stations

  • Crashed Saucer
  • Telepad
  • Soul Grinder

6 new Legendaries

  • Robo Chicken
  • The Cursed
  • The Colossus
  • The Infernal
  • Shield Bot
  • Soul Stalker

1 new Rune type

  • Cosmic Runes

Necromerger Time Machine About Necromerger

Welcome to Necromerger!

In this idle merge game mashup, you must feed the Devourer since it never stops being ravenous. Use dark magic as the NecroMerger to call out a variety of creatures, including skeletons, zombies, demons, banshees, and more. Feed them to your always-hungry pet after they have been transformed from puny little grunts into enormous (and delectable) brutes.

As your Devourer expands, merchants, champions, and even competitors will become interested in you. Others must be fought—or fed to your pet’s ravenous appetite—but some can be useful. Your lair will increase as the Devourer becomes bigger, and you’ll have access to increasingly potent spells and abilities.

To access new stations and equipment, complete missions… cemeteries, shrines, refrigerators, and even a pail to catch extra slime. You can summon new, stronger (and even tastier), animals with the help of new stations. To maximize your ability to generate resources, control your lair and your servants.

NecroMerger is a brand-new genre of game that mixes resource management with merge and idle features to produce something really original.

Grow Monsters

  • 70+ creatures to spawn and merge.
  • Creatures have unique abilities to manage (resource generation, damage, deliciousness)
  • Legendary Creatures with massive benefits.

Expand your Lair

  • Expand your lair. Unlock new equipment including; graves, supply cupboards, lecterns.
  • Attract Champions, merchants and thieves to your lair.
  • Complete tasks, master spells, brew potions.

Idle Merge Mashup

  • A unique system of resource management.
  • Resources generate even when you’re offline.
  • Months of fun!

Necromerger Time Machine – Necromerger The Archdemon Monster Small Guide

  • Apple: download the game in the link
  • Google Play: download the game in the link

From the makers of Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind, NecroMerger has all the humour and inane chatter you’d expect of a Grumpy Rhino Game.


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