New World Hidden Achievements

New World Hidden Achievements

Last Updated on 11 February, 2022

New World Hidden Achievements – A guide with all the secret or hidden achievements and how to unlock them all

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New World Hidden Achievements – Full List

These are all the secret or Hidden Achievements

  • Death I: Now, What Have We Learned? > Die for the first time. Well, that surely won’t happen again
  • Death II: Destroyed But Not Defeated > Die 50 times (you seem to like doing this).
  • Supplies Looted I: These Look Lonely. I’ll Take Them With Me > Search your first supplies container
  • Supplies Looted II: Aeternum Is Truly A Land Of Opportunities > Search 10,000 supplies containers
  • Progress I: Getting To Know My Way Around > Reach character level 10
  • Progress II: Coming Into My Own > Reach character level 20
  • Progress III: Showing What I’m Made Of > Reach character level 30
  • Progress IV: Making A Name For Myself > Reach character level 40
  • Progress V: No One Is Pushing Me Around > Reach character level 50
  • Progress VI: That It? What Else You Got?! > Reach character level 60
  • PvP Kills I: Vengeance Granted > Personally defeat 500 other players
  • PvP Kills II: Target-rich Environment > Personally defeat 5,000 other players
  • PvP Kills III: No Hard Feelings, I Hope > Personally defeat 10,000 other players
  • Gobble Gobble > Kill 100 turkeys
  • Be Very, Very Quiet! > Kill 100 rabbits
  • Udderly Brutal > Kill 100 cows
  • Breakfasting With Some Boars > Kill 100 boars
  • I Was Expecting More Of A Menhir > Defeat the boss in the Starstone Barrows expedition
  • Master And Commander > Defeat the boss in The Depths expedition
  • Problem Child > Defeat the boss in the Garden Of Genesis expedition
  • Bullseye > Defeat the boss in the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition
  • Dynasty Demolition > Defeat the boss in the Dynasty Shipyard expedition

About New World

Explore a thrilling, open-world MMO filled with danger and opportunity where you’ll forge a new destiny for yourself as an adventurer shipwrecked on the supernatural island of Aeternum. Endless opportunities to fight, forage, and forge await you among the island’s wilderness and ruins. Channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system, and fight alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles—the choices are all yours.

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