New World Interactive Map (2024)

New World Interactive Map

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Welcome to New World Interactive Map. Find all that you want, like: minerals, chests, cities, essences, documents, NPCs, areas, plants and more

Welcome to New World Interactive Map. Find all that you want, like: minerals, chests, cities, essences, documents, NPCs, areas, plants and more

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New World Interactive Map – Link

Access the interactive map of the game, simply click on the following link

If you don´t want to see all info, just click in “Hide all” located in the left part of the screen.

At right top in the main screen you can find all languages that New World Interactive Map supports.

What’s good about the interactive map is that you can find anything you need to look for in the game, like minerals (any type of ore), chests, cities, essences, documents, NPCs, areas, plants, fishing grounds and much more.

For example: Chets, inside Chets you can find 4 different classes of them with tiers from 1 to 5.

New World Interactive Map – How to use

In the following video you can see how the interactive map works, it is not complicated just check the video and see how many possibilities you have. (thanks to youtuber: Underground Shadow)

It is a super useful map, where you can find and reach any object, material or thing that you can find in the game. It makes gameplay easier as the player goes directly to where they need to go, without having to waste time.

Small guide for novice players

The first thing you have to learn is the New World control scheme. In-game tutorial explains it to you, but in case you forget the basics:

WASD to move
X to sheath/unsheathe your weapon
Right click for light attack, hold right button for heavy attack.
Hold left click to block.
K to enter the character menu, Tab to enter the inventory screen, M to open the map
Left Shift to roll/dodge/side step (depending on whether your armor is light, medium, or heavy, respectively)
Space to jump and W + Space to step over or climb objects = for autorun
1 or 2 to change weapons
Food and potions can be assigned to 3, 4, 5 and 6
Attack special moves can be assigned to Q, R and F
Hold down the E key to interact with NPCs and items, or to collect resources.

Start by upgrading your basic tools to level 2

To upgrade your starting stone tools (which you’ll get just by following the main quest), you have to do a few things. Note that you can craft each of these tools in the Workshop as soon as you reach your first settlement, but the materials require a bit of extra work to farm.

The Iron Pickaxe costs > 12 Iron Ingots, 3 Wood Ingots, and 2 Thick Leather Ingots.
The Iron Sickle costs > 7 Iron Ingots, 2 Wood Ingots, and 1 Thick Leather Ingot.
The iron ax costs > 12 iron ingots, 3 wood and 2 thick leather.
Iron Knife costs > 7 Iron Ingots, 2 Wood, and 1 Thick Leather.
The Treated Wood Fishing Rod costs > 12 Wood, 3 Thick Leather, and 2 Linen.

New World Interactive Map – About the Game

This is the map will “save your life” in the game New World, a game created by Amazon. It is an MMORPG which is an open world with which we can interact with thousands of characters, objects, missions, battle zones and much more.

This map will be of great help to you, when you click in the link (showed a little further down) you will find all information, that information will be shown on the screen, but do not get nervous as we are going to help you explain how it works.

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