Night in the Woods Achievements Guide

Night in the Woods Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 17 November, 2022

Night in the Woods Achievements Guide – Unlock them all with our tips, locations, tutorials, and video guides if necessary

Night in the Woods Achievements Guide – Full List

The descriptions of the achievements do not help much to know what to do to obtain them, so we directly tell you how to obtain each one in a line

  • Welcome Back! Complete Act 1
  • What??? Complete Act 2
  • The End: Complete Act 3
  • Changing Of The Seasons: Complete Act 4
  • Echoes: Find all astral secrets – complete fourth dream sequence
  • Best Available Friend: Complete Bea’s fourth and final friendship quest
  • Let’s Be Legends: Complete Gregg’s fourth and final friendship quest
  • He’s from somewhere: Complete all Germ friendship quests
  • Horrorshow: Complete all Lori friendship quests
  • Mother Of Vermin: Tutorial Below
  • Miracle Rats: Feed the rats 3 times
  • Dusk Stargazer: Find all nine dusk stars with Mr. Chazokov
  • Demonpower: Beat the Demontower game
  • Palecat: Tutorial Below
  • At The End Of Everything: Beat the game
  • Hold Onto Anything: Tutorial Below
  • Make It Last: Tutorial Below
  • Thryy Wyrd Tyyns: Talk to the teens on the cliff and find the three pentagrams
  • Bass Ackwards: Get under 50% of the notes right in all three songs
  • Maestro: Get over 90% of the notes right in all three songs
  • Jenny’s Field: Tutorial Below
  • The Tooth: Tutorial Below
  • RABIES!: After meeting rabies sit on the bridge for 10 seconds
  • Crusty: After the first band practice Eat both of Gregg’s crusts
  • You killed that poor roach: Kill the roach with the stick while looking at the arm
  • Accidentally Good Dinner: Tutorial Below
  • Knife Fight: Win most of the knife fights with Greg
  • Brainshot! Shoot the beast during Gregg’s third hangout
  • Deep Hollow Hollerers: Talk to the musicians at the stage (stairs in Gregg apartment) after uniting them
  • Poets of Possum Springs: Listen to Selmer’s poetry every day and then listen to her poem at the library with Bea
  • Seriously? Collect x99 different journal sketches
  • Ride The Chariot: PS4 Exclusive (Platinum) – Collect all the trophies

Night in the Woods Achievements Guide – Tutorials

Some achievements require more extensive explanations

Mother of Vermin Achievement guide

Available since the light on the way to the church is fixed (just wait)

  1. Climb the window and find the rats (Mallard)
  2. Steal a pretzel and feed it to the rats

Palecat Achievement guide

Requires to beat the Demontower game, but also to unlock the good ending:

  1. Notice and remember te patterns of the green bird (at the start of each level from level 2 onwards)
  2. Get the key on the last level with the skull patterns
  3. Stop the bleeding of the corpse with the key

Hold Onto Anything Achievement guide

Complete the game twice, but also all

  • Bea friendship quests
  • Gregg friendship quests
  • ghost hunt quests

Make It Last Achievement guide

Complete the game x3 times, but also all

  • Bea friendship quests
  • Gregg friendship quests
  • Germ friendship quests
  • Ghost hunt quests
  • Talk to the musicians after uniting them
  • Return granddad’s tooth to Mae’s dad
  • Nine dusk stars
  • Three pentagrams
  • Feed the Mallard rats x3
  • Listen to Selmer’s poetry x3

Jenny’s Field Achievement guide

Talk with Mae’s Mon as many days as you can, until you unlock the adventure to the field

The Tooth Achievement guide

These are the steps to unlock The Tooth Achievement:

  1. Go in the crawlspace under the stairs to Mae’s bedroom
  2. Talk with Mae’s Dad as many nights as you can, until he moves the boxes
  3. Get the safe combination: inspect the bookshelf on the right side next to the bird every morning
  4. Get the tooth: inside the crawlspace, in the safe
  5. Inspect the article about tooth (library)
  6. Talk to Mae’s dad at the end of the game

Accidentally Good Dinner Achievement guide

On Bea’s 3rd hangout buy one of these combos

  • Ground Beef (no bakey shakey) + Mac n’ Cheese + Succotash
  • Pork Chops (with Bakey Shakey) + Scalloped Potatoes + Green Beans
  • Chicken (no bakey shakey) + Cream of Chicken Soup + Biscuits
  • Fish (no bakey shakey) + Mac n’ Cheese + Creamed Spinach

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