Noobs Want to Live Best Builds

Noobs Want to Live Best Builds

Last Updated on 21 February, 2023

Noobs Want to Live Best Builds – The best synergies and combinations whatever your playstyle or your character

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Noobs Want to Live Best Builds

Dex-Physical Build

Dex-Physical Best Build tip & info:

Yin-Spell Build

Yin-Spell Best Build tip & info:

Toxic blood effect on Botteled Fart lv3+


Dex-Summon Best Build tip & info:

4 Perception-Physical

Perception Physical Best Build tip & info:


Shield Best Build tip & info:

Noobs Want to Live Best Builds – Early Game

Some recommendations that will make it easier for you to survive in the early game depending on your style of play and your character


Recommended Synergies for a Physical character / playstile:


Recommended Synergies for a Spell character / playstile:


Recommended Synergies for a Summon character / playstile:

We have everything (or most of it)! The fireball-wielding girl, the summoner with mechanical prowess, the hero with the sword who can literally produce gold, the hero who masters bacon… To put it mildly, each character is distinctive!

As you battle your path to godhood, exquisitely detailed cardboard cutout characters give the game a distinctive and enjoyable feel! Come and blast the enemies with fireballs, black holes, and more as you destroy the screen!

About Noobs Want to Live

Vampire survivors game with a Chinese theme and Paper Mario-inspired visuals. Each skill has an evolution that won’t lock you in and can be increased. There are currently several unlocked heroes and a passive tree.

an aptitude tree. many combinations of expertise. There are six skill slots, and each slot skill has individual upgrading and switch options. possesses additional passive abilities that enhance skill synergy Unlocking 9 characters is simple. They each have unique stats.

The bad news is that the opponents have some ambient effects that slightly cause vertigo. enemy types are limited. Only 4 maps, but there is no way to alter the difficulty. Not nearly tough enough.

Playing the game is enjoyable, however skill is not balanced. Characters with Yin qualities make up 4/8 of the cast, negating the requirement for Yang talents and synergies. It’s too simple to fully unlock talent trees. You can finish this map with the maximum amount of evasion or defense points, then afk while you watch the clock.

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