Noobs Want to Live Synergies

Noobs Want to Live Synergies

Last Updated on 21 February, 2023

Noobs Want to Live Synergies – All the synergies explained, along with the Bonuses they provide, and some early game tips

Noobs Want to Live is a fast-paced roguelike featuring several characters and a large pool of skills to choose from (that synergize with one another, too!) Fight, kill, grow. Each run is a new chance to create a steamrolling build!

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Noobs Want to Live Synergies & Builds – All Synergies

A single table in which you can see all the synergies at a single glance. You can click on the image to enlarge, and in the next section you will be able to see each synergy in detail, with their bonuses or the boost they provide you

Synergies Info

Detailed information on each of the synergies and the benefits or bonuses they bring you

Recommended Synergies

Some recommendations that will make it easier for you to survive in the early game depending on your style of play and your character


Recommended Synergies for a Physical character / playstile:


Recommended Synergies for a Spell character / playstile:


Recommended Synergies for a Summon character / playstile:

We have everything (or most of it)! The fireball-wielding girl, the summoner with mechanical prowess, the hero with the sword who can literally produce gold, the hero who masters bacon… To put it mildly, each character is distinctive!

As you battle your path to godhood, exquisitely detailed cardboard cutout characters give the game a distinctive and enjoyable feel! Come and blast the enemies with fireballs, black holes, and more as you destroy the screen!

About Noobs Want to Live

Let’s not mince words: this is a Vampire Survivors ripoff. If you like VS, you might consider buying this newly designed version of the game.
Given that it is priced similarly to VS and contains many of the same features, you could assume that your experience will be similar. Let me explain my thoughts on NWTL as it stands right now.

I spent a significant amount of time playing it yesterday and today, and I already see certain things that VS has done well that NWTL hasn’t (yet?). excitement and confusion.

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