OBS Studio Best Settings (2024)

OBS Studio Best Settings

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

OBS Studio Best Settings for streamers on Twitch and YouTube – Output (Streaming & Recording), Audio, Video and Advanced Options

If you don’t know how to configure OBS Studio, we show you what in our opinion is the best configuration for streamers. Of course, over time you can refine it, but we think it’s a great starting point for anyone who wants to get started with this application.

OBS Studio Best Settings – Output

These are the best output settings:

Output Streaming

These are the best output – streaming settings:

  • Output mode: Advanced
  • Audio Track: 1
  • Encoder: x264
  • Rescale Output: unmarked
  • Rate control: CBR
  • Bitrate: 6000 kbps
  • Use custom Buffer side: unmarked
  • Keyframe interval: 0
  • CPU Usage: ultrafast
  • Profile: Main
  • Tune Main
  • x264 options: none

Output Recording

These are the best output – recording settings:

  • Output mode: Advanced
  • Type: Standard
  • Recording Path: Your choice (Default path)
  • Generate file name: unmarked
  • Recording format: mp4
  • Audio Track: 1
  • Encoder: Your choice
  • Rescale Output: unmarked
  • Curtom Muxer settings: None
  • Rate control: CBR
  • Bitrate: 15000 kbps
  • Keyframe interval: 0
  • Preset: Max quality
  • Profile: High
    • Look ahead: Unmarked
    • Psycho visual: Marked
  • GPU: 0
  • Max B frames: 2

OBS Studio Best Settings – Audio

These are the best audio settings:

  • Sample rate: 48 kHz
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Desktop audio: Headphone
  • Desktop audio 2: Disabled
  • Mic Auxiliary audio: Microphone
  • Rest of the Mic Auxiliary audio: Disabled
  • Decay rate: Fast
  • Peat meter type: Sample peak
  • Monitoring device: Default
  • Disable windows: Marked
  • Hotkeys (all): unmarked and 0 ms

OBS Studio Best Settings – Video

These are the best video settings:

  • Base resolution: 1920×1080
  • Output Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Downscale Filter: Lanczos (sharpened scaling, 36 samples)
  • Common FPS Values: 60

OBS Studio Best Settings – Advanced

These are the best advanced settings:

  • Process priority: Normal
    • Sow active outputs: marked
  • Renderer: Your choice
  • Color format: NV12
  • Color space: 709 & Color Range: Partial
  • Filename Formating: Your choice
    • Overwrite: unmarked
    • Automatically: unmarked
  • Replay buffer: Replay (without Suffix)
  • Stream Delay
    • Enable: Marked
    • Duration: 25s
    • Preserve Cutoff: Marked
  • Automatically reconnect: Enable (marked)
  • Retry delay 10s
  • Maximum retries: 20
  • Network: Bind to IP > Default, and the 3 options unmarked
  • Sources: Enable browser source harware acceleration (marked)
  • Hotkeys: Never disable hotkeys

We hope that this configuration has been useful to you, if you have any questions or comments, leave us a comment and we will try to help you

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