Omori All Key Locations

Omori All Key Locations

Last Updated on 2 August, 2023

Omori All Key Locations – Prologue, Three days left, Two days left, One Day left, and required keys (marks on your hangman)

Omori All Key Locations – Section 1 – Prologue

A – Vast Forest – In the grass near a stump.

Follow the red steps near the stump


B – Vast Forest – On a shrouded old bridge.

While you are looking for Basil > On the middle of this bridge (straight)


C – Vast Forest – Between giant pinwheels.

Next to the Kite Kid


D – Otherworld – Near a castoff cartridge.

After acquiring the cartridge for Space Boyfriend, you need to enter a bin near the location and go up the ladder and back outside to acquire it to collect this key


E – Otherworld – Underneath a wet pillow.

After fighting Capt. Spaceboy look underneath his pillow.


Location – 

F – Otherworld Story Instance – Within a large frame.

while trying to catch up with the sillouhette of Basil


Omori All Key Locations – Section 2 – Three Days Left

H – Pyrefly Forest –In a lost pyre’s flame.

On the right of the waterfall, small path to find spider puzzle and lost wood puzzle

Image guide!

I – Dungeon – Lying in a dark cell.

While escaping the Dungeon, you’ll eventually find a button that scaping the Dungeon


J – Castle – Trapped in a pink cage.

enter the kitchen. Above the minigame in this room, you can enter the bedroom area


K – In a hall of framed faces.

Enter the art gallery (top right)


L – Sprout Mole Town – Stage – Far below a big stage.

After defeating Sweetheart, toward the end of the Lost Library that you end up in


Omori All Key Locations – Section 3 – Two Days Left

M – Spending time with a frog.

After overcoming your fear of drowning > inside of the wormhole


N – Casino – Near a game of roulette.

Enter the casino > on the left side of the room next to the machines


O – Casino – Amongst other O’s.

Enter the haunted pool, outside the Casino, The key will be in the bottom left of this area, amongst the several other floating O’s


P – Casino – In a water closet.

Men’s Toilet (first floor)


Q – Casino – In a small moving room.

In the elevator going to the boss.


R – Casino – At the end of a plank.

After re-acquiring Aubrey, go to the 4th floor and, you will climb a ladder to acquire the key.


S – Highway – Within a live shell.

Make you way across the highway > inside the clam at the end.


T – Humphrey – Top Tunnel – In a bubbly tank.

Time: At the end of the Humphrey section, he will spit the key out with you


U – Humphrey – Right Tunnel – Surrounded by Goo

On the Water Slice (go left twice)


V – Humphrey – Left Tunnel – Caught in a steel trap.

On the conveyer belt bomb puzzle (3rd puzzle left side)


W – Humphrey – In the gut of a whale.

After killing Humphrey

X – Dino’s Dig – At the end of a map.

Third floor in-front of the wishbone in the bottom right corner of this floor


Omori All Key Locations – Section 4 One Day Left

All these keys Require Hikikomori Route (don’t answer the door any day as SUNNY.)

G – Otherworld, near the Sno-Cone man – Beneath a trap door.

Acquire batteries from Space Boyfriend’s father > take the batteries to the fish in the Igloo


Y – Otherworld, near the Sno-Cone man – In a field of winter snow.

After getting the G Key > Top right of the map > before entering snowglobe area


Z – The Abyss – Past the end of the road.

Near the end of the road by Deeper Well, talk to the Hitchhiker


Required Keys (marks on your hangman)

  • Prologue: A, B, C, E
  • Three days left…: K, L
  • Two days left…: M, O, P, S, T, W

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