Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities & Unlock Chefs

Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities & Unlock Chefs

Last Updated on 10 February, 2022

Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities & Unlock Chefs – Small and easy guide, useful information about: Chefs, Skills, Abilities, Characters and more

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Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities & Unlock Chefs – Intro

In this small guide you can find useful information about Overcooked2:

  • How to unlock all chefs
  • Skills information
  • Character Skills
  • Overcooked 2 Characters

Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities & Unlock Chefs – Ways to get them

Get new characters (Chefs), several possible ways:

  • The basic Chefs, you can unlock them at the beginning of the game
  • DLC game, get other Chefs with the DLC version
  • Complete some levels
  • Achieving conditions in special difficulty

Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities & Unlock Chefs – Unlock them

Some abbreviations used in the game:

  • TMC: Too Many Cooks PACK.
  • SNT: Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC.
  • KCC: Kevin’s Christmas Cracker DLC. (This content is free)
  • CNY: Chinese New Year DLC. (This content is free)
  • CCO: Campfire Cook Off DLC.
  • AAS: All at Sea PACK. (This content is free)
  • NHH: Night of the Hangry Horde DLC.
  • COC: Carnival of Chaos DLC.

Overcooked 2: Human Chefs

Overcooked 2 Characters Human Chefs

These are the chefs with human features, they are very cool and you can play with them as much as you want, you can remind yourself of friends or family or even yourself. Any chef is good, you just have to be skilled at preparing food.

Overcooked 2: Animal Chefs

 Overcooked 2 Characters Animal Chefs

They are very funny, these chefs can be your pets that you play with every day. But this time in the form of an avatar so you can cook with them, we recommend that you try them all or at least almost all of them.

It is very fun to play with these chefs, if you have a good time playing with them we encourage you to leave a comment in the comments area and write us which one you like the most.

Overcooked 2: Fantastic Chefs

Overcooked 2 Characters Fantastic Chefs

Possibly the funniest of all Chefs, you can play with an elf or a robot.

What is your preference? We like the green alien, looks like the figures from the Sherk movie, but any of them is very cool. We encourage you to leave a comment and write us which one you liked the most.

Overcooked 2: About the Game

This game has been developed by Team17, It is the second part of Overcooked, a fabulous and very fun game, where we have a character theme similar to the second part. So if we liked the first part, we will love the second part.

This game was released on almost all possible platforms, such as: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for PC.

Overcooked fans were able to acquire the game in 2018 and the extended version that came out on the rest of the platforms and consoles on the market, is practically everywhere, so if you have any questions and want to buy it you can search for it on Google, although we also advise you to write it in the comments and we will be happy to help you. Whether our team or any user who wants to help you acquire the game.

A game where you can play in cooperative mode, you must prepare different dishes, with these dishes you will complete different orders, you will be able to level up and get new Chefs. Player groups can be up to 4.

To make different dishes you must collect food, cook and mix, cut ingredients, fry food, plate and much more. You will not have time to get bored, do all this in cooperative mode is awasome. Prepare all the dishes you can and be the best Chef.

As you improve your level, the difficulty will also increase, process of preparing a dish becomes more complicated. In some levels you will change the kitchen to other different place, so you will cook in several places, as you complete the game. We are not going to tell you everything, but we advise you to play and enjoy the game, although we are going to give you a little spoiler, cause in the game you will be able to cook and make salads in a balloon!

During game you will also have the possibility of being able to slow down or harm your opponent, throwing elements from the kitchen such as a pan or some type of utensil.

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