Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond Beginners Guide

Pixel Heroes
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Last Updated on 23 March, 2024

The turn-based RPG Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is great, It has a lot of action and a story that is fun to follow. So many interesting and strong characters in the game, each with their special skills and traits.

A lot of people may be having trouble at the start of their trip because the game is new.

This Pixel Heroes newbies guide is for all of you who are new to the game. It will help you learn how to play, give you tips on how to have the best experience possible, and everything else.

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Gameplay Overview

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is a turn-based role-playing game, which tells you a lot about how the game is played.

A player must first put together a group of five characters to fight the evil monsters and their armies that have spread darkness across the holy land.

After this, players will have no trouble seeing some of the great game types, like Storyline, Arena, and many more that we will talk about in more detail later.

By completing all these matches, players will get a chance to win all the important in-game resources in the form of prizes. Players can use them later to improve their characters, and can even some of the materials to call powerful heroes.

Pixel Heroes
Photo: HaoPlay Limited

Let’s talk about how to play the game now. Because Pixel Heroes is a turn-based RPG, it is an automatic 2D game, which means that the Heroes do all of their strikes.

These attacks are based on turns that are given to all characters, even the bad guys.

Players may even control the tempo of the battle.  The only hard work players need to do is to build an amazing team, that includes strong players along with a fair set of classes.

A balanced team that includes all the classes of heroes helps in keeping good Team strength along with proper handling of strikes.

Basics of Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond


The Story is the part where the players get to enter the main Storyline game mode. The Storyline game mode is split into several chapters followed by stages under them.

At the start of the journey, players need to finish a certain stage of a particular story. This allows them to unlock all of the other in-game tools as well.

Players will get amazing prizes such as Gold Coins, Stones, potions, Summon tokens, and Star diamonds.


The Realm is an area where the players get to see some of the incredible sets of other game types available in the game. The part comes up with several game types such as:

  • Arena
  • Endless Sea
  • Divine Garden
  • Song of Time
  • Tower of Beings
  • Eternal Throne
  • River of Oblivion

All of these game types are unrelated to the main storyline mode. Players may compete against other players in the Arena area. This will allow the gamers to understand their own capabilities in comparison to other players.

The Wave format game mode combines several game modes including Tower of Beings, Eternal Throne, and Endless Sea. In this sort of game style, players must combat waves of opponents on each level.

If players lose at a certain stage, they must continue the adventure from the beginning.

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The Hero section gives players access to all of the Heroes featured in the game. Moving around this section allows players to readily see the Classes, Tiers, and Stats of all Heroes.

Players may level up the unlocked characters in this area by following these simple steps:

  • Open the Hero section, and pick a preferred Hero for Upgrade.
  • After choosing the Hero, check for the number of Gold Coins and Potions required.
  • Press on the “Upgrade” or “Level Up” choice to Upgrade or Level up the chosen Hero


Sanctum is a location where players may readily summon heroes for their teams. Summoning heroes is one of the most significant components of this kind of RPG game.

Thus, players must preserve all kinds of Summon Tokens they obtain as prizes and then use them to summon more powerful Heroes. Aside from summoning characters, players may have access to a variety of additional parts, including:

  • Elst Temple
  • Trade Airship
  • Astrology
  • Mystic Land
  • Guild
  • Sanctum Forge
  • Faction Summon
  • Hero Alter
  • Star Up Platform
  • Hero Summon

These are only a few of the most prominent areas where players may exchange resources with other players or guild members.

The game has a “Guild” component where users may join or build their clans to dominate global rankings.

Sections including Hero Summon, Faction Summon, Hero Alter, and Sanctum Forge allow players to summon heroes and factions for their squad. These will ultimately help the participants form a strong squad for themselves and continue their adventure.

Pixel Heroes
Photo: HaoPlay Limited

Pixel Heroes: Tips and Tricks

After hours of playing this game, here are some of the finest tips and strategies for all newbies from my end:

1. Go for the Storyline Mode

The story mode is the game’s major mode, therefore players must go through it at the beginning of their journey.

This will not only help the players to move more in the game and story mode but also will help the players open all the other features available in the game for future use.

2. Enhance your Heroes

Heroes are yet another important aspect of the game. As a result, as a beginner, players must store resources such as Potions and gold coins.

These resources will help players in upgrading and leveling up all unlocked heroes, as well as contributing to the player’s total team strength.

3. Summon more Heroes to become Stronger

The game introduces some of the best Heroes in the game, who are not only distinctive but also very powerful.

Thus, participants must use the Summon Tokens they got as a prize. Summoning more Heroes increases the likelihood of summoning the finest Heroes in the game, allowing players to strengthen their teams more than previously.

4. Complete Missions and Quests

In addition to the story mode, Pixel Heroes has one of the greatest series of game modes. These game modes also provide unique tasks and quests for players to complete.

Completing these objectives earns all of the essential in-game materials as prizes for all players.

Players must concentrate on completing all of the game’s tasks, collecting all important resources, and using them to advance quickly.

5. Check your capability in the Realm

Aside from the primary Storyline mode, Realm creates a variety of fascinating game modes. Thus, players may test their skills and abilities against other players or in other exciting matches.

This will allow the players to assess their faults when developing or sustaining the squad, providing better suggestions for areas for progress.

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