Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event

Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event

Last Updated on 23 February, 2022

Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event. Get ready to celebrate the Pokémon GO Johto Tour! New bonuses, pokemon, research and more

Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event. Stay tuned to our pokemon events calendar so you can´t miss anything about Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event – Intro

Are you ready for the Pokemon Go Tour: Johto? You will need Pokeballs to have enough when the Johto event starts, so this preparation will be great for all trainers, the objective in this mini event is: get and accumulate maximum possible pokeballs.

Niantic has prepared a surprise, the missions and pokemon that will come out in the wild, will be pokeball shape, such as: Hisui’s Voltorb, Hisui’s Electrode and some Pokemon more.

Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event – Event Bonuses

Professor Willow has discovered a Hisui Electrode, a pokemon belonging to the Hisui region of the game Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

  • Buddies will bring you Poké Balls in Gifts

Field Research Tasks

Following gifts will be available when complete the field research tasks

  • Poke Balls
  • Super Balls
  • Ultra Balls

Timed Research

During the event, the investigations will be focused on getting more Poke Balls.

Wild Pokemons

Wild Pokemons

  • Voltorb
  • Voltorb Hisui
  • Koffing
  • Marill
  • Wailmer
  • Solosis
  • Foongus

Occasionally will appear:

  • Jigglypuff
  • Electrode
  • Amoonguss
  • Stunfisk Galarian


Hatching from Eggs

  • 7 km eggs: Shuckle – Slugma – Darumaka – Scraggy – Litleo
  • 2 km eggs: Poliwag – Bellsprout – Swinub – Meditite – Barboach – Swablu – Bunnelby
  • 5 km eggs: Onix – Azurill – Happiny – Munchlax – Snover – Froakie – Hippopotas
  • 10 km eggs: Audino – Darumaka – Mienfoo – Rufflet – Espurr – Goomy – Noibat
  • Adventure Sync Rewards > 5 km eggs: Cranidos – Shieldon – Frillish – Skrelp – Clauncher – Dedenne
  • Adventure Sync Rewards > 10 km eggs: Dratini – Bagon – Beldum – Riolu – Deino – Noibat

Seasonal Bonuses

  • Incense: Increased effectiveness of Incense while stationary and while moving.
  • Remote Raids: Increased damage for Pokémon participating in raids remotely.
  • PokeStop: Guaranteed Gifts from PokeStop spins
  • Candy: One extra Pokémon Candy when trading Pokémon
  • Candy XL: Guaranteed Candy XL when trading Pokémon

Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event – New Avatar Items, Stickers, and Bundles

During and after the end of the event, will be available:

  • Bolifacio costume (the most emblematic character of the Pokemon League in the Galar region).

More about Pokémon GO, stay tunned!

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