Wayfarer Pokemon Go – Update 2022


Last Updated on 5 January, 2022

Wayfarer Pokemon Go – Update 2022. News of the most important application to update pokestops in Pokémon GO, everything updated!

Wayfarer Update – Pokémon Go 2022. The expected new about pokestops, this app is used to create new pokestop in Pokemon Go. Could be close to your house? Do it!

Wayfarer Pokemon Go – Update 2022 – ¿What is it?

Wayfarer application is used to create pokestops in Pokemon GO.

Pokestops must be important structures or places of interest, such as: monuments, museums, bridges, parks, posters, playing areas, sculptures, graffiti, etc.

Once you registered in the application, just access it to register and complete a small tutorial which Wayfarer will teach you how to create a pokestop, when you register the pokestop it will go up to the database and the pokestop will be evaluated by the Pokémon GO community, if you have met all the necessary requirements, the pokestop will be validated by the users of the Pokémon GO community and the pokestop will become visible in game.

easy? Just do it!

Wayfarer Pokemon Go – Update 2022 – Details

  • Wayfarer profile will be different from Niantic profile.
  • You can modify data of a contribution that is pending, even re-edit or delete it.
  • Changes in cooldown operations evaluating to avoid false positives.
  • You will be able to better manage improvements.
  • You chan check requested editions.
  • New users rejection rate of pokestops is really high (around 75%). Wayfarer will help to solve it, they will guide the first requests of new users, to make pokestops requests correctly.
  • Improved and easier to use website.
  • New user kinds and new levels to unlock features as you progress.
  • New reward in addition to upgrades to be rated.
  • Wayfarer application will be created (it will not be from the web). It will have a beta version for some selected users.

Wayfarer data 2021

  • 138,000 new users.
  • 1,950,000 new approved Wayspots (5,100,000 requested).
  • 679,000 editions approved (1,500,000 requested).
  • 45,000 reports approved (459,000 requested).
  • 313,000 photos added.
  • 25% of people choose to upload scans later, 10% photos.

Wayfarer events in 2021

  • Brazil: 10,000 participants and 17,000 new wayspots.
  • Russia: 13,000 participants and 8,000 new wayspots.
  • India: 11,000 participants and 4,000 new wayspots.

More about Pokémon GO, stay tunned!

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