Poppy Playtime VHS Tapes Locations

Poppy Playtime VHS Tapes Locations

Last Updated on 31 October, 2021

Poppy Playtime VHS Tapes Locations – Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink & Grey – Find them all and unlock the rewards and the secrets

Find all the VHS tapes, the main chapter 1’s collectible, and learn a little more about the history of the horror game from MOB Games

Poppy Playtime VHS Tapes Locations – All VHS Tapes

There are 5 VHS tapes – Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink & Grey – and these are their locations

  • Green VHS Tape: In front of the spawn point at the start of the game, on the table, under the yellow welcome sign
  • Blue VHS Tape: After completing the first puzzle, go through the door with the colored buttons and look over the desk to your left
  • Yellow VHS Tape: In the yellow shelving warehouse, on the second shelf starting with the left shelf
  • Pink VHS Tape: In the room where we make the toy, at the top of the stairs, on the right. In the middle of two walkways, right where the hole. It’s on the wall or beam and it’s a little dark, but it’s
  • Grey VHS Tape: At the end of the chapter, at the intersection of two walkways, in front of the red flower on the wall, from there go right for the player

Now that you’ve seen all 5 tapes, along with the game’s intro, you should have a pretty complete idea

Video Guide

We leave you this video guide, from FoxPlay, with the locations. In case you need more help with any of the locations and you prefer to see it in images. Or if you just want to see the content of some or all of the VHS tapes.

We hope that now that you have seen VHS you understand the game better. You will need it, because this is just the beginning. In March 2022 we will have the expansion (or Chapter 2). So if the videos leave you with doubts, it is because everything is not said yet

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